Sexy Top 10 Halloween Heavenly-Horrors of 2008

So what are we buying on the second biggest spending day of the year?

Yes, Happy Halloween is now right behind Merry Christmas in the financial-buying department.

I can vouch for that having 4 disguises myself. I began as full body including hairy hands and feet “Wolf Man,” charmed by the theory nobody would recognize me.

Then nasty “Flasher” in a ragged trench coat seemed more fun, I actually made that costume.


But when the cutest non-scary “Scare Crow” outfit appeared who could pass?

Alas, it was followed by bright blue Mad Hatter “Wizard” from Alice in Wonderland’s hit, a Mencken with a 3 foot, molded face and tall see-thru hat that won me over.

As a people person, who attends holiday season parties I will get to enjoy them all but of greater import, what are you getting Fall fun from?

None of my cheap and not so cheap chills and thrills came from costume leader Halloween Adventures, yet they are the people to ask about your spooky night choices.

Jason, head of who buys Halloween Adventure’s New York store and shipping headquarters, says even tho that sexed up “Maid” outfit made Top 10 it is actually sexy Wizard of Oz “Dorothy” who delights you #1 with low cut top and short skirt from their “Secret Wishes” line. Yep, you are choosing little “D” most often.

Be it for a lovely lass or manly-man, Halloween brings out the spooky best in all of us. Here’s your Official Top 10 Popularity List.

Women 2008 Costumes

# 1 this year, Sexy Dorothy – from the Wizard of Oz – her low cut top, is tops.

# 2 Sexy Wonder Woman

# 3 Sexy Super Girl

# 4 Sexy Cat Women

# 5 Sexy Angels with wings & halo, surprise surprise, made the list before Maids.

# 6 Sexy Maids

# 7 Sexy Nurses

# 8 Sexy Librarian

# 9 Mardi Gras Party Attendees

# 10 Pilgrims


Then there’s a couple of runners up among the “Funny Costumes,” topped by “Mom I don’t want to grow up.”

You put this on, your head goes to where a baby face shows, the body is Mom, legs are yours – your baby face display is great fun.

Popular are Wigs, lot of wigs, hats of all types, and Wings, extra Angel Wings. At one Halloween Adventure center near me I did buy a set of Jewish Payas, (long curly sideburns). I got blond, to make a ponytail out of for Christmas parties.

This year’s Drop-Off popularity? Today’s political crowd, Hillary, Bill Clinton, John Mc Cain, Obama, Bush Sr. & Bush Jr, Chaney, Rice, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, out this year, not great movers. Same goes for a few once-bright Stars, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, George Clooney.

Saddam was a HOTTIE hot seller but discontinued 2 years ago for unknown reasons.

Buyers willing to cough-up big bucks for fewer entertainment Stars but there are some lookie-loos who still want to emulate Studio Stars inclujding a few musical Rappers. Then buyers are snapping up Santa Suits already, more Jewish stuff, Thanksgiving Pumpkins, Turkey, Pilgrim, plus those early Colonial outfits.

For reasons unknown, many folks of both genders are this year dressing up like “Flamingos.”

What’s HOT With the GUYS?

# 1 JOKER (brand new look, Halloween Adventures sold 5 before Sept.

# 2 Batman

# 3 Spider Man

# 4 Indiana Jones

# 5 Star Wars (all – Obe, Darth Vader, Yoda, Skywalker, Chubaca Anakin)

# 6 Pirates of all types

# 7 Arab Sheiks

# 8 Michael Meyers

# 9 Freddie Kruger

# 10 Leather Face


Additionally lots of high end manly masks, as well as total looks representing the entire Harry Potter character list, plus Wise Men, Spartans, even past versions of that love-to-hate fun guy, past “Joker” looks.

11 year old privately held Halloween Adventures, owned by Tony Binchi is a national costume outfitter, great place to wander through. Although they do most Online Internet and 800 Phone Orders they have 87 stores open in 9 states now.

Their strongest costume trend currently leans toward Mid Evil, resonance, Masquerade masks, Venetian Ceramics, Eye Masks, Half Face masks, hair accessories, gloves, weapons, handcuffs, and those ever famous black roses.

Most unique Sexy Humor?

“A Knight to remember:.”

This is true triple XXX male humor – Man’s armor head piece, chest armor, metal mesh long skirt, can be moved aside to displays a huge fake male organ under the skirt. Metal fabric makes Knight armor look authentic.

I didn’t have time this year to do kiddies, short list of Children’s costume are Super heros, and Horror for boys, Princess, Disney, Jasmine, Ariel, Bell from beauty and the beast popularity with girls.

If none of these suit your Halloween originality, suit seamstresses at HA will make you a costume of choice, just speak up, they’ll put your “Secret Wishes” together. Unable to decide on what you want to be each dressup season, don’t want to commit cash, they do Rentals.

Halloween is for everyone, makes it easy to understand why we come to love the big “H” more with each new year.

(c) Strasbaugh 2008

Claudia Strasbaugh was a freelance writer who founded Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa Writer’s Guild, was head writer for the weekly TV show “Kill ‘EM With Comedy,” plus California Bureau Chief for National Lotto World Magazine. Claudia also ran a nonprofit called Dinner On A Dollar. Sadly, Claudia passed away in 2015, but we are pleased to display her writing works.