Secretary Kerry Reveals ‘Facts’ on Nuclear Agreement With Iran

Iran Will Be Under Scrutiny and Inspections Forever

Amid the varied opinions on the nuclear agreement with Iran whether in favor or not, US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed the facts why the agreed plan will make the United States, Israel, the Gulf States, and the world safer.

In his remarks in Philadelphia, US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed some hard consequences and benefits of the nuclear deal with Iran.

“I will make clear that the key elements of the agreement will last not for 10 or 15 years, as some are trying to assert, or for 20 or 25, but they will last for the lifetime of Iran’s nuclear program.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry revealed that how advanced Iran’s nuclear program had become and where it was headed could be a dangerous thing for the world.

In addition, the world is facing an Iran that had already mastered the nuclear fuel cycle. And US and the international community have face an obvious fact: sanctions alone were not getting the job done, not even close.

The ministers of foreign affairs of France, Germany, the European Union, Iran, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as Chinese and Russian diplomats announcing the framework for a Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme (Lausanne, 2 April 2015).

“They were failing to slow, let alone halt, Iran’s relentless march towards a nuclear weapons capability.” – Secretary Kerry

Obama Then Acted

With the fact laid down that Iran already stockpiled enough enriched uranium that, if further enriched, could arm 10 to 12 bombs, then President Barack Obama acted.

According to Secretary Kerry, President Obama reaffirmed his vow that Iran would absolutely not be permitted to have a nuclear weapon which he marshaled support for this principle from every corner of the international community.

He added that Obama made clear his determination to go beyond what sanctions could accomplish and find a way to not only stop, but reverse Iran’s rapid expansion of its nuclear program.

Consquences Without the Agreement

According to Secretary Kerry, without the agreement, Iran’s so-called breakout time was about two months; with this agreement it will increase by a factor of six, to at least a year, and it will remain at that level for a decade or more.

“Without this agreement, Iran could double the number of its operating centrifuges almost overnight and continue expanding with ever more efficient designs.” – Secretary Kerry

In addition, with the nuclear agreement, Iran’s centrifuges will be reduced by two-thirds for 10 years.

Without this agreement, Secretary Kerry emphasized the Iran could continue expanding its stockpile of enriched uranium, which is now more than 12,000 kilograms – enough, if further enriched, for multiple bombs.

“With this agreement, that stockpile will shrink and shrink some more.” -Secretary Kerry

If the agreement will not push through, Iran’s heavy-water reactor at Arak would soon be able to produce enough weapons-grade plutonium each year to fuel one or two nuclear weapons.

Also, without this agreement, the IAEA would not have assured access to undeclared locations in Iran where suspicious activities might be taking place. Through this, the agency could seek access, but if Iran objected, there would be no sure method for resolving a dispute in a finite period, which is exactly what has led us to where we are today – that standoff.

Finally, with this agreement, the IAEA can go wherever the evidence leads. No facility – declared or undeclared – will be off limits, and there is a time certain for assuring access.

Iran Nuclear Deal Well-Supported by Scientists

According to Secretary Kerry, the nuclear agreement with Iran has been endorsed by so many leading American scientists, experts on nuclear nonproliferation, and others. In fact, more than 60 former top national security officials, 100 – more than 100 retired ambassadors – people who served under Democratic and Republican presidents alike, are backing the proposal – as are retired generals and admirals from all 5 of our uniformed services.

For one, Brent Scowcroft, one of the great names in American security endeavors of the last century and now, is supporting it.

Also, the agreement was also endorsed by the United Nations Security Council on a vote of 15 to nothing.

Importantly, President Obama, US senior defense and military leaders, and even many former Israeli military and intelligence officials, believe that the agreement puts them on the right path to prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon.

“The people of Israel will be safer with this deal, and the same is true for the people throughout the region.” – Secretary Kerry

In addition, US’nation’s top nuclear physicists and Nobel Prize winners, scientists, congratulated the President for what they called “a technically sound, stringent, and innovative deal that will provide the necessary assurance … that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.”

Secretary Kerry said the scientists praised the agreement for its creative approach to verification and for the rigorous safeguards that will prevent Iran from obtaining the fissile material for a bomb.

Agreement Calls for Iran Not to Have a Nuclear Weapon

Secretary Kerry underscored that yhe international community is not telling Iran that it can’t have a nuclear weapon for 15 years. Instead, it is telling Iran that it can’t have a nuclear weapon, period.

“There is no magic moment 15, 20, or 25 years from now when Iran will suddenly get a pass from the mandates of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty – doesn’t happen.” – Secretary Kerry

Through the agreement, Iran is required by this agreement to sign up to and abide by the IAEA Additional Protocol that requires inspections of all nuclear facilities.

So What does this mean? Secretary Kerry reiterated that it means that Iran’s nuclear program will remain subject to regular inspections forever. Aside from this, Iran will have to provide access to all of its nuclear facilities forever.

“Iran will have to respond promptly to requests for access to any suspicious site forever.” – Secretary Kerry

So what if Iran does the opposite? Iran will then violate the agreement forever which they will know of that violation right away. Thus, the agreement gives them the unprecedented tools and all the time they need to hold Iran accountable for its choices and actions.

World Powers and Iran Strike Historic Deal

Two months ago, the diplomats declared that world powers which consist of the United States, France, Britain, China, France, Russia and Iran had struck a landmark deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program. But most importantly, the agreement will stop to the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

The agreement entails Iran will not continue to enrich uranium under the agreement. Iran in exchange of the agreement will reap benefit of the relief of the international sanctions. UN, EU, and US sanctions will be terminated on implementation day when the IAEA certifies Iran has complied with specified commitments in the agreement.

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