Secretary Clinton Talks About US Smart Approach to Counterterrorism

The Senior Adminstration Official of the U.S. State Department today gave a background briefing on Secretary Clinton’s Speech “A Smart Power Approach to Counterterrorism.”

“As you know, this speech was designed to be part of the commemoration of the 10-year anniversary since the September 11 attack. The Secretary thought it would be appropriate to stand back and talk about the Administration’s approach to counterterrorism, but it obviously takes on new relevance given what we have heard about a heightened alert status.” – Senior Administration Official

Secretary Clinton’s speech fundamentally designed to talk about using all the tools of American power, including American values and US strong democratic leadership around the world to fight counterterrorism and embedding the fight against terrorism in our larger approach to values-based global leadership.

The Senior Official stated that Secretary Clinton will emphasize that the fight against counter – against terrorism has to be not just a fight about what the Americans are against, but they have to fight for what they are for, namely their values of tolerance, equality, and opportunity for universal rights and the rule of law.

“So, at the top of the speech, she makes clear that the military fight continues. We have unfinished business and we will do what we need to do to confront terrorists militarily where they live, but we will do so within international law standards and in keeping with our highest values. But we also have to work to cut the roots out from under terrorists, and that means attacking finances, attacking their ability to recruit, and attacking their ability to have safe havens.” -Senior Administration Official

The Senior Official highlighted that Ms. Clinton will also talk about “Taking the Fight to al-Qaida.” Ms. Clinton clear the American intention to make full use of civilian courts and reformed military commissions.

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