Poison Spider Bites Most Likely Now

Among The Worst of them – the Deadly Brown Recluse

Last year I wrote a story about David, a Manteca, California man in a wheelchair, the result of a motorcycle accident 20 years before.

Five days after being bitten by what he believed was a fatal “Brown Recluse” spider, his legs began to twitch, eight months later he could again walk.

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If the 48-year-old former boxer wasn’t mistaken, he experienced a miracle no one else has been known to benefit from, not in the history of medical record keeping.

Today, the terrible creatures, native to California, are ever more dangerous as their population virtually explodes this time of year. The most terrifying part is they’re home dwellers just like us, and like us, their ideal living residences are the homes of humans

We can all help each other if we share information with people we care about, because it is almost killer spider season again. We accidently encounter them when doing yard work, spring cleaning, sorting things in the attic, or doing most any other household activity.

Recluses like dark areas. Storage sheds and wood piles are popular with them. When entering closed dark areas, it is best to make certain you add light there. When possible, leave a light turned on for 30 minutes prior to going about your normal chores there.

Day 11
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Remember, Poisonous spider physical reactions may differ from one victim to another. The most common symptoms of a spider bite is often a visual red line traveling from the bit to the main part of the body. Often, you will experience headache, nausea, along with flu like symptoms.

Brown Reclue Spider

If you saw the spider that bit you, you may be able to identify your level of bite danger by reviewing the large variety of photo pages at the Bad Spider Bites website.

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