Official: California Most Racist American State Against Muslims

“The struggle for equality” Report

A project called “The struggle for equality” has been released today by the “Council of American-Islamic relations’,” identifying California and Illinois as the centre of civil rights complaints.

The figures of the report show a world’s record of racism in America, up 29.6 percent from last year.

The report depicted 1,972 cases of anti-Islamic violence discrimination and harrassment, which was effectively the highest number ever recorded in the existence of civil rights.


Almost 79 percent of all civil rights complaints came from nine states. In descending order, they were California (19%), Illinois (13%), New York (9%), Texas (8%), Virginia (7%), Florida (6%), District of Columbia (5%), Maryland, Ohio and New Jersey recorded (4%).

The workplace and government agencies recorded the highest level of cases against civil rights.

According to the survey, one in every four Americans unilaterally identifies Muslims with violence. The demographics are usually ‘older, less educated’ and ‘politically conservative’ people.

There has also been a rise of 8.6% of anti-Muslim hate crimes from 141 in 2004 to 153 in 2005. These hate crimes are recognised as ‘criminal activity’ in America.

Criminal activity

In December 2005, in Cincinnati, two bombs exploded in a mosque, dismantling the infrastructure. No deaths were recorded.

Cincinnati Mayor, Mark Mallory, condemned the attack, saying ‘criminal activity cannot be tolerated.’

On October the 9th, an elderly man was bashed outside a mosque. The victim had his arm broken and CBS added that the teenagers who assaulted him ‘also threw beer bottles at others coming out from the mosque.’

Official response

CAIR has identified the media as fomenting racial hatred. Arsalan Iftikhar, CAIR’s legal director said, ‘We believe the biggest factor contributing to anti-Muslim feeling and the resulting acts of bias is the growth in Islamophobic rhetoric that has flooded the internet and talk radio.’

An official from Texas, which recorded one of the top 5 states of civil right complaints, was appalled by the figures. Sheila Jackson Lee called it ‘xenophobia, prejudice and bigotry’ that should ‘not be allowed’ to ‘prevail.’

In 2005, CAIR put pressure on FOX after the series ’24’ was going to a ‘dangerous place’ for depicting an ordinary Muslim family hiding a terror cell. Fox immediately distributed disclaimers saying “American Muslims reject terrorism.”

Accompanying the the disclaimer was Keifer Sutherland, who appeared before every episode of the continuum denouncing racism against Muslims.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations’ is the biggest American Muslim organisation in America-Canada.

According to the American Bureau of Statistics, by 2010, Muslims will easily over populate the Jewish community in America.