New Wrinkle On Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Recovered Thanks To Consumer Reports

Halloween Costume Horror Restored

With Halloween now the second highest consumer spending day behind Christmas, most people have at least one or more dress-up outfits. Still, given today’s shaky economy many of us aren’t ready or sometimes able to spend money unnecessarily.

Perfect Solution

Why not rely on the best answer; use just released Consumer Reports ‘dryer’ findings to renew last year’s fun disguise to its best. Although sometimes costly, Halloween Costumes are seldom made of sturdy materials prone to endure many trips through the entire laundry cycle.

Consumer Reports started with the two ‘anti-wrinkle’ balls designed to be used in the dryer. You can get two of them for 19.95, and they often come with a small amount of fabric softener.

Putting freshly washed, wet clothing thru the dryer with dryer balls, Consumer Reports then removed and hung the clothing on hangers.

Their next test was to dry without dryer balls, removing slightly damp garments and hanging them to further dry. After that they ran totally dry pieces through the dryer with a damp towel, removed the pieces and then hung them.

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume

That was followed by dried items put through a dryer cycle using only plain water in the balls after which garments were removed and hung. Then came thoroughly dried clothes removed, removed and ironed.

#1 Halloween Costume Unwrinkler

The best anti-wrinkle recovery came from tossing dry items into the dryer with a damp towel. Making it a perfect answer for most Halloween costumes. Be sure to color test first by dampening one out of sight area line on the inside seam of a costume to determine how color-fast it is.

Once satisfied that its okay, un-wrinkle away, however be careful to stay with low heat just to be on the safe side. Remove, shake out and hang up, so your Halloween Costume reigns again with fright night coming soon to a neighborhood near you.