Manmade UFO Over Colorado Raises Fear for 6 Year Old Boy

A manmade helium balloon (shaped like a flying saucer) broke loose of its tethers and flew for more than two hours in the Colorado skies.

At times the balloon reached heights of 7,000 feet and was traveling at speeds of around 40 mph.

It was believed that the 6 year old son of the man who built it climbed onboard just before it soared into the sky, trapped inside a compartment underneath the balloon.

However, when the balloon eventually came back down to earth, after travelling at least 60 miles, there was no sign of the boy. A door to the compartment was open and there are fears that the boy may have fallen out, but it is not absolutely certain whether he was onboard the craft at all.

Colorado UFO Balloon

Police have searched the boy’s home twice, but he cannot be located. There has been some speculation that the boy may be hiding, perhaps feeling that the balloon’s accidental release was his fault, but others are preparing for the worst.

The boy’s father is involved in taking weather readings with balloons, but it is uncertain why he should design one that looks like a UFO and 6 meters in size. It is unlikely that the compartment was designed to carry a person and it is unclear whether the balloon could have coped with the weight of even a six year old boy.

All we can do is wait for further information on this breaking story and hope that the boy will eventually be found safe and well.