Madonna Possibly Investigated By The Secret Service

Madonna is possibly being investigated by the Secret Service, Trump Dumps the TPP, and The Golden Globes Backstage – get more VIP coverage at Hollywood Sentinel dot com. These and other breaking news stories are found here below in this Breaking News Daily report by Bruce Edwin of Hollywood Sentinel, found only here at NewsBlaze.

Hollywood Sentinel, which reports “only the good news,” has its new issue out, covering backstage at The Golden Globes, as well as the VIP party of the L.A. Art Show, plus more. The Hollywood Sentinel states they will be adding more rare new coverage from The Golden Globes on the site later this week, including rare, backstage photos of the stars. The site’s next major new issue, found at, which will be rolling out this weekend, will cover the leadup days to The Oscars, including ‘day of’ Oscar coverage backstage, and the Grammy’s.

LILY run

The mainstream media, including the New York Times and CNN among others are bickering with Trump over the size of his Presidential Inauguration crowd turn out, versus the size of the Women’s March on Washington, which activists are also calling the anti-Trump protest, which happened in a number of cities world wide. The question is, who cares? Trump won. He is the U.S. President. And, women that want to can still keep having abortions.

A number of liberals are angry at CNN for giving Trump too much attention, stating that their “obsession” with Trump helped increase his popularity. They also blame CNN and other mainstream media for falsely reporting that Trump was not to be taken seriously, and had no chance of winning. Many liberals complain that if the majority of the mainstream media had not lied to them about Trump’s true power and chances of winning, more voters would have turned out to vote. CNN has also been widely criticized for now broadcasting swear words, in addition to claims of lack of journalistic standards.

At least one Pro-Lifer who I read attended the Women’s March reported how she was very disturbed how pro-abortion mothers were exposing their young children to vulgar signs with swear words on them and sexually graphic images. At least one woman protestor wore a vagina costume.

Madonna is reportedly now being investigated by the Secret Service, for stating how she had thought many times of blowing up the White House. Madonna reported the next day how her words were taken out of context. Newt Gingrich is reportedly calling for Madonna to be thrown into prison for her statement. Madonna also reportedly stated, “F–Donald Trump and F–the Secret Service,” on a social media post that was reportedly later deleted. Conservative Republican rocker Ted Nugent is also reportedly asking for her to be investigated.

While even the speakers standing behind Madonna during her statement were visibly shocked, and while it was certainly not a wise thing to state publicly, let’s be real. Madonna followed up immediately with that statement that her wish in that regard would not solve anything, and that ‘love’ was the answer. Granted, showing love is not shouting swear words at people, or other obscenities, however, Madonna is no terrorist. Further, America is founded on freedom of speech, whether we like that speech or not. Stating in public one’s thoughts is not a crime, nor should it be. Madonna did not try to incite a riot, nor did she tell anyone to try blow anything up. She verbally stated the veracity of her hurt and anger over the new administration that she is passionately against. As Americans, we need to defend her right – even if we disagree with it, to say what she wants.

United States President Trump has made his first action as President today, and reversed any U.S. participation in The Trans-Pacific Partnership, otherwise known as TPP. Trump has stated that the agreement is “5,600 pages long, so complex that nobody has read it.” In fact, TPP does appear to be a long, convoluted, mishmash of rules and regulations that are at times liberal, and other conservative, that have a lot more to do with so called free trade. TPP had laws that according to Wikipedia, concerned the Sierra Club, and other environmentalists. They are worried it would give more power to multi-national corporations to pollute. Others argue that it favors the wealthiest nations.

Tom Morello, head of rock band Rage Against the Machine has held a tour fighting to stop TPP, which Hillary Clinton reportedly initially said she was for, then later said she was against.

Digital Rights activists argued that TPP would end up treating innocent persons as criminals regarding copyright law, and would weaken or eliminate the doctrine of ‘fair use’ that journalists are protected by under U.S. law.

“This is very good news as a first step on a long road for bringing jobs in the factory and the farm back to the USA,” said Brian O’Shaughnessy, Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) Chief Co-Chair and Co-Chair for Mfg. “The TPP has no language to offset currency manipulation, border adjustable tariffs and extends the power of foreign tribunals to force our country to change our laws to conform to their wishes,” Brian stated.

“TPP would be a ‘more of the same’ in a long line of failed trade deals,” said Dan DiMicco, CPA Board of Directors. “Trump is right to withdraw and it should not be resurrected.”

Others were concerned that TPP would put American interests secondary to other competing countries. Lawmakers must stop creating and participating in long, convoluted deals that no one reads or understands, that ultimately do more harm than good for Americans, the world, and our freedoms and planet.

Trump also signed a hiring freeze for all federal agencies, which is another good decision, considering that government is too big and overreaching already.

Lastly, as noted yesterday, Trump also signed back into effect a law that will prevent the U.S. from funding groups outside of the U.S. that perform abortions, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation, called the “Mexico City Policy” the new action is being praised by Trump cabinet members and sending to the world the message that America holds life sacred and dear. Many pro-Abortion rights advocates are mad.

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