Keeping Warm in Style this Winter with Fur Coats

The pinnacle of winter wear for women has been, and always will be, fur. Nothing says opulence and style like a beautifully crafted piece of cozy fashion made from one of nature’s main sources of survival.

There is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation being consumed regarding fur coats, and many people have the wrong idea about how they are manufactured in modern times, and the ethical standards that are coupled with such an industry. Thankfully, people are starting to clear the air and take a renewed and positive interest.

Clearing the Myths

We live in a world that is being destroyed by inorganic and toxic industries, the clothing one being no different. Today, there are fathomless levels of environmental destruction occurring as a result of unsustainable textiles and clothing sectors.

Why is it, then, that our most foundational means for keeping warm and looking impressive have been labelled as unethical? Why is it that people that will happily consume all manner of animal products, but when it comes to something as basic as protecting yourself from the elements, moral alarm bells start ringing?

If you have any qualms regarding your interest in fur, please know that the leading names in the fur industry create their magnificent coats in only the most ethical and professional manners, and that the animals suffer as little as possible.

The thing about fur, is that the best pelts are only harvested from the healthiest and happiest of animals, which is why the best fur farming companies will ensure that animals such as minks will live out enjoyable and well-nourished existences.

They are fed well, kept in comfortable and spacious cages, and even have toys to keep them calm and entertained. Their lives are far more enjoyable than most of their wild counterparts in general.

Fashion has let Fur Back in

If you have been keeping up with the latest trends, then you know that fur has now broken through all of the hypocritical and unreasonable barriers that blocked its presence in the fashion industry for the past twenty years or so.

Leading designers and names in the industry are now once more embracing the divinely luxe and comfortable pieces of winter wear that humanity has always loved nothing more than wearing.

From high fashion icons, to hip-hop stars and Generation Z Instagram celebrities, fur has made a massive comeback. The latest in fur trapping and farming ethical standards in both America and Europe are being strictly regulated to ensure that this rejuvenated industry remains on acceptable standards of production.

Fur made a striking and incredible comeback at the last Milan Fashion Week, where it was very excitingly welcomed by a pleasantly stunned crowd. It isn’t just fur coats that have come back into the public eye, however, there are all manner of accessories, handbags, and other trinkets that fur is now being wrapped around.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.