John Kerry: Climate Change Poses Serious Threat to Global Security

Climate change as multiplier of instability

The climate change phenomenon continues to draw attention from the international community not only for its political and economic implications, but also its security issues, John Kerry says.

In his remarks in Washington DC on “G-7 Commissioned Report on Climate and Fragility Risks,” US Secretary of State John Kerry

said climate change has far-reaching political and economic implications, and poses a serious threat to global security as well.

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“Climate change is a threat multiplier for instability throughout the world.” – Secretary Kerry

According to Secretary Kerry, the analysis based on the recent report demonstrates that climate change can increase the risk of instability and conflict across the globe. To cite an example, the prolonged and severe droughts have contributed to conflict, from Syria to Mali.

Climate Change As Multiplier Of Instability

Secretary Kerry further stated that rising seas because of climate change threaten low-lying lands, from Bangladesh to the Pacific and Caribbean Islands. He said this underscores that those countries already struggling with fragility and conflict are often those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

In addition, US President Barack Obama also highlighted the view that climate change is one of the most significant military threats to the United States and the world. Furthermore, the US president asserted that the fight against climate change is a fight for global peace and against the conflicts that lead to war as well.

US Calls For Greener Cities Around The World

Projecting that 5.2 billion people will live in the world’s urban communities by 2050, the US highlighted the need for cities to address the effects of climate change.

To address climate change, the US Department of State is committed to doing its part to help bring about greener cities around the world.

The US is working to deploy renewable energy technologies; build recycling infrastructure; safeguard wildlife, forests and wetlands; and help communities better protect their water resources.

Mankind Experiencing Effects Of Change In Climate

The US has reiterated that impacts of climate change are here and now.

Mr. Kerry said there are undeniable and increased events such as those that scientists have long predicted particularly extreme droughts, that are hammering crop production, forcing farmers out of business and driving up grocery bills.

In addition, countries have suffered gravely by more intense floods and storm surges, causing billions in property damage. The coasts are swiftly eroding, rendering home after home uninhabitable and uninsurable as well.

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