Is America No Longer A Free Country?

People are sitting down and doing nothing, and as the United States gets out of order, the nation’s capital is losing both of their trust on many levels. “Many Americans,” said ALIPAC’s William Gheen, “are now living in a private hell with a loss of privacy.” “Over 80% of Americans want our existing laws adequately enforced and that is clearly not happening. This means that We the People no longer control the policies of our government.”

Polls from Rasmussen and Christian Science Monitor stated that public approval of the government and Congress has fallen to the low teens of nine and twelve percent. Americans listed the war, the declining economy, and illegal immigration as the top problems.

“These polling numbers would not be at historic highs and lows of dissatisfaction,” Gheen continued, “If the American people were truly being represented in Washington and truly had an impact on the policy decisions of the Executive Branch. Special interests are in control and they represent elite Global financial interests, not the American public. We only hope that Americans can restore civilian control in DC, before these destructive special interests bring further ruin and misery to our nation. There can be no freedom, security, or prosperity for American without self-governance and a functioning Republic.”

Source: American for Legal Immigration PAC