Irish John O’Loughlin Kennedy Honoured as State Alumni Member of the Month

The U.S. Department of State today honoured Irish Alumnus John O’Loughlin Kennedy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ as February’s State Alumni Member of the Month.

John O’Loughlin Kennedy launch the international charity Concern Worldwide. His earnest participation in the Fulbright Student Program on the topic of business administration inspired him to launch the charity.

As a Fulbright student, he gained confidence and skills which pushed to pursue his innovative entrepreneurial endeavors.

After his return to Ireland, O’Loughlin Kennedy put his can-do attitude to work when he founded AfricaConcern in response to the famine that was then ravaging Nigeria.

AfricaConcern has become Concern Worldwide, a major international charity that raises approximately $260 million annually and employs over 3,000 people worldwide.

In partnership with fellow Fulbright alumnus Patrick Duffy, O’Loughlin Kennedy founded the award-winning company WINICabs. WINI stands for “When I Need It, Where I Need It.” It is an automated taxi dispatch system that links taxis with customers using mobile phone technology.

O’Loughlin Kennedy has served as a tireless advocate for the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association since its founding in 1993. O’Loughlin Kennedy is an enthusiastic advocate for the new alumni association called the Ireland – United States Alumni Association as well.

For the month of February, O’Loughlin Kennedy’s leadership and dedication to affecting positive change in the world will be recognized on the State Alumni website, ECA’s official website.

Each month, the Bureau’s Office of Alumni Affairs, which supports alumni as they build on their exchange experiences, confers the award on an outstanding alumnus or alumna.

Concern Worldwide is Ireland’s largest aid and humanitarian agency. Since its foundation over 40 years ago it has worked in 50 countries. Concern works to help those living in the world’s poorest countries to achieve real and lasting improvements in their lives. Concern Worldwide was founded by John and Kay O’Loughlin Kennedy in their home in Dublin in March 1968.

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