Human Chain of Gratitude Over Folsom Lake Crossing


Julie Bjorgum and Jeff Marmins are the co-founders of the Human Chain of Gratitude. They are promoting a “gratitude attitude” and they want all their Folsom area friends and neighbors to consider joining in.

Bjorgum and Marmins are motivated people, who do great work in and around Folsom. They say being motivated and achieving goals is easier from a foundation of being grateful. Negative influences make people afraid to see opportunities ahead.

At the grand opening ceremony of the new bridge at Folsom Lake Crossing, the pair are asking Folsom friends and neighbors to join them, to build a Human Chain of Gratitude across Folsom Lake Crossing. They hope to get enough people to come together and think of one thing they are grateful for right now. The hope is that this gratitude attitude will spread to other people and we can all be a little more positive.

The challenge is to have the chain of grateful people reach all the way from one side of the bridge to the other.

Bjorgum says Folsom Lake Crossing is a metaphor and a perfect example of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in the way of progress which was overcome by positive thinking, hard work, dedication and the combined effort of many people. The grand opening ceremony is the right time to show our gratitude not only for their efforts, but for all the things we can be grateful for.

Right now, with major problems in the economy, many of us are under stress. The Human Chain of Gratitude could be the first step on the path to your recovery.

“Recovery starts with attitude changes. Just take one burden and find something good that has come out of it. It’s a very real challenge when you are unhappy. If that’s too hard, try finding good things that you’re already grateful for and work your way up to the difficult ones. If you fall back into old habits, keep practicing until you are beginning to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. Give yourself permission to grieve. Grieving is a necessary part of the process. Stop yourself from getting stuck there by practicing the grateful attitude when you’re ready. Try it for yourself; everyone benefits from a ‘gratitude attitude’.”

The venue for the Human Chain of Gratitude event is the Folsom Lake Crossing, on Saturday, at 12 noon on the Western side, nearest Briggs Ranch.

The best way to help get the “gratitude attitude” started is to be there. Whether you can be there or not, you can twitter and facebook and email your friends and neighbors and help this event be successful.

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Julie Bjorgum and Jeff Marmins are the co-founders of the Human Chain of Gratitude.

Human Chain of Gratitude Facebook Group

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