Harris House Supports St. Louis Walk/Run for Recovery

One of the biggest issues currently in America is drug addiction. President Trump put the fight against opioid addiction on the front page of newspapers. Harris House Treatment and Recovery Center announced their commitment to ending addiction by supporting the St. Louis Walk/Run for Recovery. The 6km loop walk or run takes place on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018.

The St. Louis Walk/Run for Recovery is part of National Recovery Month. It supports individuals, families and communities in recovery from alcohol and chemical dependency.

Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, cocaine, or any other type of drug, substance abuse affects many people other than the addict. As well as damaging addicts, substance abuse can tear apart families, make people homeless, and destroy careers.

It’s awful how one day someone is cracking open a cold one with the boys, but fast forward a year, and they could be battling with the demon that is alcoholism.

But whether it’s an alcohol detox or drug rehab, centres such as Harris House in St. Louis Illinois, provide essential care for anyone struggling with drug addiction.

Harris House runs a scheme called the Intensive Inpatient Programme. This programme is designed to tackle both alcohol abuse and drug abuse, over a course of 28 days. Anybody over 18 who requires drug rehab can participate.

Every morning, patients have individual counselling, followed by 2 group sessions. The afternoon and evenings have 3 group sessions. During these sessions of substance abuse treatment in St Louis, sufferers can share with each other their experiences of Alcohol Abuse, Heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, or any other type of substance abuse.

Sunday afternoon is the time when the family can visit.

Harris House’s Partial Hospitalisation Programme is centred around providing education which enables people to battle with their alcohol abuse or drug addiction. Sometimes, an alcohol detox or drug detox alone is not enough.

In this programme, patients learn about the physical impact of drug abuse, how to prevent a relapse (which would make drug rehab pointless), 12 step recovery, anxiety management, coping with feelings, family, self-care, and stress reduction. Because whether it’s minor alcoholism or intense heroin addiction, education is the best way to ensure a permanent drug rehab, which will prevent people from falling back into old habits.

It’s one thing battling substance abuse when located in a drug rehab centre. But it’s a completely different matter when living in a house. That’s why Harris House offers transitional housing. A group of people who all suffer from some form of drug addiction live in a house but they still attend therapy sessions and group meetings. It’s a way to ease them back into the real world. During level 2 of the transitional housing project, Harris stops cooking for them, leaving them to do it themselves in their communal kitchen! It’s hard to deny that this is an effective way to battle drug abuse!

Harris House is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. They’ve also been given an A+ by the better business bureau.

Although they are covered by most US Health Insurance providers, they also accept card payment from all major credit cards.

Harris House drug rehab and alcohol detox centre focuses on long-term integration back into sobriety, and into society. They do this by providing counselling and education on both the physical effects of drugs and the pathways to getting a broken life back on track.

This is why Harris House supports the St. Louis Walk/Run for Recovery at Creve Coeur Lake Tremayne Pavilion on Saturday, September 1, 208.