France, Kuwait, and Tunisia Hit by Terror Attacks

Terror Attacks Rock Three Continents

Terror across the world has made headlines as terrorist strikes hit three continents that left dozens dead.

In Tunisia, a gunman stormed a tourist beach, killing 37 people and leaving 36 wounded, many of them foreign nationals. The terrorist was later killed by the Tunisian security forces.

In France, an attacker caused a large explosion in a gas factory. That was followed by the discovery of decapitated body and a severed head hanging from a fence. Two people were hurt in the blast. The French authorities described the incident as a terrorist attack.

Kurdish demonstration against ISIL in Vienna, Austria, 10 October 2014.

In Kuwait, ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for a terror attack killing 27 people and injured more than a hundred when a suicide bomber blew himself up during Friday Prayer.

According to local reports, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait.

US Condemns The Terror Attacks In France, Tunisia

Today, the United States of America expressed condolences for the innocent victims of the horrifying terrorist attacks in France, Kuwait, Somalia, and Tunisia.

In a press statement in Washington DC, State Department Spokesperson John Kirby said the United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attacks on three continents.

The United States also expressed condolences for the Burundian peacekeepers who were killed and injured in another terror attack.

“We express our deepest sympathy to the victims’ families and our heartfelt wishes for the recovery of those injured.” – Mr. Kirby

He said the United States grieves with the people and governments of Burundi, France, Kuwait, Somalia, Tunisia, and other nations affected by these vicious attacks and stands with them in solidarity as they reject terrorism.

“We will continue to work with all of our allies and partners to address the shared threat of terrorism and violent extremism.” – Mr. Kirby

Fear Of International Terrorism Looms

With the recent simultaneous attacks in different continents, horrified populationS started to ponder the rise of international terrorism.

Even in the midst of global coalition to overthrow and eliminate the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, the group leaders have repeatedly called for sympathizers and supporters to kill and sow terror at home.

In a report that circulated with the start of Ramadan, spokesman for the Islamic State, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani encouraged their comrades to embark toward jihad and make Ramadan a month of disasters.

US Approaches To Combat Terrorism

Despite today’s terrorism trend lines being worse than at any other time in modern history, the US approach and that of partners in the fight against violent extremism has been adapting as well, the State Department said.

The US and its allies continue to pursue military force to go after terrorist leaders plotting to attack the U.S. or its interests and continue to refine intelligence capabilities.

In addition, the US also adopted more comprehensive approaches toward terrorism and violent extremism, adapting to the evolving threats it faced.

To cite an example, the US placed greater emphasis on building the capacity – including military, intelligence, and civilian – of its partners to address threats within their own borders and region, as well as expanding efforts to reduce the radicalization that was leading individuals to join terrorist groups.

To add more, the US also strengthened the international counterterrorism architecture by working with its Western allies and Muslim-majority partners to launch the Global Counterterrorism Forum in 2011.

The US also gave priorities on the role of law enforcement and the wider criminal justice system in preventing terrorism and bringing terrorists to justice within a rule of law framework, thereby strengthening the international cooperation that is so essential to addressing the threat.

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