Four Arrested For Robbery at Folsom ATM


Editor: Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

Folsom Police arrested four people for conspiracy and robbery after using a replica handgun to rob a victim while he was using a local ATM.

On March 30, 2008, at 10:24 pm, police were called to the 25000 block of Blue Ravine Road regarding a robbery that just occurred at the Wells Fargo Bank ATM.

The victim, an off-duty Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, was using the ATM when he was approached by one of the suspects who was armed with a handgun, later determined to be a replica. The victim surrendered his wallet to the suspect as ordered. Utilizing his law enforcement training, the victim took the suspect’s handgun and the suspect fled on foot to a nearby vehicle.

The victim was able to provide the license plate of the suspect vehicle and described the vehicle as a silver Toyota Camry.

Folsom Police Officers located the vehicle traveling westbound on Highway 50. With the assistance of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and Rancho Cordova Police Department, officers conducted a traffic stop as the vehicle exited the freeway onto southbound Sunrise Boulevard.

Michelle Tarpley, 18 years-old of Rancho Cordova, Seth Briggs, 20 years-old of North Highlands, Guillermo Santana, 27 years-old of Sacramento, and Steven Tamberg, 23 years-old of Rancho Cordova, were all arrested for suspicion of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The name of the victim is being withheld due to his position in law enforcement.

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