Ford Recalls 91,000 Vehicles for Fuel Pump Issues

Ford has made a lot of advancements in their vehicle development over the last few decades, entering the race for the first consumer-available self-driving car and leading the industry in both innovation and production. However, thanks to a recent massive recall, nearly 100,000 people will be looking for new cars for sale. According to a recent report, Ford has issued a fuel recall on 91,000 of their vehicles due to problems with the fuel pump.

The recall is directed at vehicles purchased in North America as of now, including the United States and Canada. Ford stated they would replace the fuel pump control modules in 88,151 of their vehicles. The problem seems to have manifest itself in the 2013-2015 model year Ford Taurus sedans, Ford Flex crossover utility vehicles, Lincoln MKS sedans, Lincoln MKT SUVs, and Ford Police Interceptor sedans. The other 2,472 vehicles Ford plans to take back will be 2015-2016 Ford Transit vans.

The recall release stated the following:

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 86,000 2013-15 Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT vehicles with 3.5-liter gasoline turbocharged direct injection engines, as well as Ford Police Interceptor sedans to replace fuel pump control modules.

In the affected vehicles, the fuel pump control module could fail, which may cause an engine to not start or stall. In some cases, the engine could stall without warning while driving and without the ability to restart, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford Recalls 91,000 carsThis has revealed a very serious safety concern, and as a result, Ford will replace the control module at no cost to the owners and return the vehicles to those who want them back. Thankfully, no accidents have been reported as of now, but its important that owners have this problem taken care of quickly in order to avoid incident.

Ford also issued a major recall for 23,000 vehicles for defects in the power window software. There have been very few of these vehicles on the market as of now, since its such a new vehicle, so there have been far fewer incidents reported and fewer vehicles to take back.

Regarding the power window issues, the release stated the following:

Ford is issuing a safety compliance recall for approximately 23,000 2017 Ford Escape vehicles to update power window software. In the affected vehicles, the power window system configuration may exceed the regulatory requirement for remote actuation closing force, increasing the risk of injury.

Affected vehicles include certain 2017 Ford Escape vehicles built at Louisville Assembly Plant, Oct. 5, 2015 to May 12, 2016. There are approximately 23,150 vehicles affected, including 17,985 in the United States and federalized territories, and 5,157 in Canada.

Again, there have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with this problem, and the dealer will entirely update the power window system without any cost to the vehicle owner.

Ford also stated that they’re working with manufacturers and their production line to get parts made and shipped quickly. They will notify customers on when and where to bring their vehicles in for repair starting on October 17.

Its very important that vehicle owners don’t ignore factory recalls, particularly when it’s been labeled for safety concerns. For more information about any safety recalls that affect Ford vehicles, concerned owners can always visit Ford’s website. All the information is displayed in the safety recall tab. To see if your vehicle is part of the recall, enter the vehicle identification number when prompted and contact your local dealer for further information.

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