Folsom Thursday Night Marketplace This Thursday

Folsom Thursday Night Marketplace is set to really hop this week!

Jim Crosthwaite, the event marketing promoter has an exciting evening planned for you. There is literally something for everyone, and a different theme each week.

Each event is a mix of entertainment, heritage craftsmanship and art. There are street performers, live theater, a kids zone, teen zone, adult zone, food and drink vendors and merchants.

The aim of Thursday Night Marketplace is to attract the Folsom community to a community event to be proud of, surrounded by the historic district, with special attractions, offers and fun.

kayla hendry
Kayla Hendry

Folsom’s own Kayla Hendry starts the entertainment on the main stage, at 6pm. At 6:45 pm, Moon Goddess Caravan performs over in the Plant Earth Rising lot and “Whiskey Dawn,” Norcal’s premier Country Band, plays from 7:45 to 8:45 pm, on the main stage. Later in the evening, they will be at the Powerhouse Pub.

Look for guitarists Lou-Anthony Limon and Ray Zhou along the street and for “Triple Threat” performing randomly throughout the event.

If you are into singing, or listening to other people who are, then be at the Wool-Sutter intersection for the Folsom Karaoke Championship, starting at 6:15pm. Cost to enter is $5 per person.

Folsom Mixed Martial Arts will hold demonstrations at 7:00pm.

Farmers Market

Foodies will not want to miss the new Farmers Market with the Grocery Outlet and bargain market, with produce, flowers and merchandise. Find the Market “Under the Tents” in the Wool Street parking lot, corner of Wool and Sutter, in teh shade!

There will also be over 100 booths, along the street with all kinds of interesting things and the Sutter street merchants have various interesting offers.


Park undercover in the new parking garage for only $2 and receive a discount voucher and a chance to win the nightly Grand Prize. The parking fee benefits the Museum, who are managing the parking – and you get your money back in the street!

TNM Bucks

Look for the Information booth in the 700 block. Check in there each week, and get your entry in the drawings. There are three drawings each night, at 6:15, 7:15 and 8:15. The prize is a $25 voucher you can spend anywhere at the event.

Also at the information booth, get the free coupon book with many offers from local businesses. – especially look for the / NewsBlaze coupon.

Come down to the Marketplace and be part of the entertainment and action, this is a great event and your enjoyment and participation are important!

The Weekly Themes

Pro Sports Night

Family Fun Night

Rodeo Night

Hollywood Night

Backyard BBQ Night

Retro Night

Living History/Railroad Night

Back To School Night

International Night

Keep Cool Night

Finish Line Night

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