Folsom Graffiti Night Attracted 250 Classic Cars

The fabulous Folsom Graffiti Night attracted 250 Classic Cars to the Folsom Historic District. Car enthusiasts turned up in large numbers for the cars, entertainment and food.

Setting up for the show began around 10am, dozens of vendors setting up their booths and enthusiasts lining four blocks, plus several parking lots, with their beautifully prepared classic cars.

The weather was hot, but that didn’t seem to deter exhibitors or visitors. As the sun started to go down over the horizon, a light breeze made the evening very pleasant.

The show officially started at 4pm, but there were meny sightseers from noon onwards. The show finished after 9pm and the roads reopened around 10pm.

At the end of the day, the judges results were collated and prizes for winners and runners-up were distributed, along with the raffle prizes. Sutter Street merchant Richard Gray was one of the winners, for his Hupmobile.

Yes, the cameraman (that would be me!) was too close to the “Cash Only” speakers, causing the distortion you can hear.

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