Father of Jesse James’ Mistress Speaks

Michelle McGee’s father Denny McGee speaks-out about the 11 month affair his daughter had with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband.

Denny McGee, a barber, tells Fox news, James explained to McGee that he and his wife were not together. He and Bullock had been apart for 5 years…they didn’t live together. His daughter, 32, was upset by seeing James and Bullock at the Oscars. She was under the impression she and James were going to have a relationship.

Since then, “I don’t think she’s had contact with Jesse James,” Denny said. “I don’t think they’re on speaking terms right now.”

Michelle McGee, since the beginning, maintained that she wouldn’t have “hooked-up” with James if he was married.

It’s reported that McGee is in seclusion.