Failing Upward and Onward

The New American Century Ship of State sailing into the ominous headwinds of failure. At the helm imperious arrrogant mentality, repeating azimuth errors and mistakes over and over calling this systemic defeat success.

Imperious Policy Repeating Failure Over and Over

UPWARD MOBILITY to FAILING UPWARD. The ship of state continues its direction and course of repeated failure. Utilizing the great American invincible distraction bombardment. Bombing countries and civilians with explosives at the same time bombarding the American population daily with media distorted sound bytes and patriotic flag waving repeating failure upward.

The current examples include the incorrect course of epic welfare stimulus bailouts repeated FAILURE ONWARD to FAILURE UPWARD in attempting to revive an American zombie financial system with taxpayer debt medicines. Talk about repeating failure two created disastrous wars with more epic pre-emptive foreign policy debacles on the way.

This ship of state has been taken over by pirates of the highest incompetent magnitude which includes the American legacy of invincibility and Wall Street Ivy League frauds all exposed as shambles, criminal conspiracy, illegal scams, racketeering, and massive criminal theft perpetrated on the entire worlds population. Mainstream media continuing with hidden agenda, insidious propaganda and swell Hollywood buzz word distraction copy.

MSM propaganda machine assisting the pirates to their great destination FAILING UPWARD. This pirated ship lost on the worlds oceans destined for total collapse have ignored all the warning fog horns of destiny. To the great American failures, admitting to ignorance and depravity is not, repeat not a steep price to pay to correct course and return to port intact. The world will not end it will definitely be a much better place.