Elite Connections Helps Successful Singles Find Love on Valentine’s Day

Elite Connections Helps Successful Singles Find Love on Valentine’s Day, and throughout the year, it was reported on major news outlets today. Finding love does seem to be easy with Elite Connections; the most exclusive and preferred matchmaking agency in the business, who find their clients the best people in the world; the company reported.

Elite Connections Helps Successful Singles Find Love on Valentine's Day 1
Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy with Dr. Phil. Photo provided courtesy of Elite Connections, 2018.

With over twenty-four years of unparalleled success, As reported on Fox News today, Elite Connections international executive dating services reportedly have a proven track record of lasting matches, with thousands of happy clients and an A+ business rating. Men and women both benefit from experts doing all the work for them in finding a happy, sexy, compatible partner, with a memorable date that ends their search for a partner once and for all.

Helping Homeless Youth in Los Angeles: Party With a Purpose

It has been a massively busy year for the matchmakers at Elite Connections International, The Hollywood Sentinel reports. First, they closed out their very successful year of 2017 with their annual Party With a Purpose. Elite Connections’ 18th Annual Party With A Purpose was–Sherri says; a great success. The matchmakers and their friends hosted for the year what they stated was one of the best children’s events they’ve held, on December 21st 2017 at SPY (Safe Place For Youth), in Venice, California. Sherri states that their goal every year is to give each child the best Christmas they’ve ever had, with the kid’s each receiving a high-end skateboard or cell phone, including a backpack filled with fabulous items including shoes, clothes, coats and other great gifts.

Elite Connections Helps Successful Singles Find Love on Valentine's Day 2

Sherri Murphy further stated of the party, as reported earlier on Fox News today, “Our children’s event was amazing! One boy was in the hospital. I met him through FaceTime. Of the 130 homeless kids, one was the victim of a hit and run accident. They broke both his legs and he lost a kidney. They stopped and robbed him before they took off. The poor kid! He was so happy to get a phone. We sent him new shoes, a backpack full of great stuff, a coat, and some clothes. Life can really be terrible for some people. One boy said he’d not gotten a present since 2005. Many kids we know are so spoiled–they have no clue. They only see what the other kids in school have. Many kids don’t understand how lucky they are to not have drug-addicted, or alcoholic parents, and have a home. It’s not like you get to choose!”

Sherri states that she wants to invite all patrons to get involved this year to help more children by calling her at 800-923-4200.

Most Dynamic Women in LA Award

Next, Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy and Vice President Tammi Pickle were awarded two of the “Most Dynamic Women in L.A.” by Angelino Magazine, which they said was a real honor. When singles in Hollywood or anywhere else in the country for that matter–get lonely and don’t know where to turn to, many turn to dating sites online. Yet Sherri Murphy of Elite Connections states, “Our team of matchmakers screen and interview in a way that authenticates prospects, where websites clearly cannot.” Fortunately for singles out there, the dating expert to the stars are not just for the rich and famous. Elite Connections serves all types of clientele from the girl next door, to the single mother, or even the successful, seeking bachelor.

Elite Connections Helps Successful Singles Find Love on Valentine's Day 3
Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy and Vice President Tammi Pickle host Party With a Purpose, helping homeless youth in LA. (c) 2017, 2018, Elite Connections.

Following the award by Angelino Magazine, CEO Sherri Murphy was featured on Dr. Phil, discussing matchmaking and the stress of running a large company, which she reports was really exciting, and a big honor. Sherri states that “Elite Connections makes dating more safe, and easy, proving to be the better alternative than blind date websites that may not screen their users.”

Earlier just late last year, Elite Connections own CEO Sherri Murphy and Elite Connections COO Tammi Pickle appeared on Fox News to give some much needed advice to some of America’s singles out there. The VIP dating consultants stated, “We enjoyed being on Fox News Channel 5, and Dr. Phil. We want to help inform the public about how to be successful in their dating, and to give them a chance to meet us, and help them find that person they’ve been searching for.”

Proving to be the better, safer alternative than blind date websites that do not even meet or screen their users, Elite Connections hand picks each and every client and date, meeting every one in person, and finding each client the very best fit. With this attention to detail and care, it is not that surprising that Elite Connections International have remarkably been in business for nearly twenty-five years. As such, these top matchmakers know the in’s and out’s of dating. On Fox News, the mother and daughter matchmaking team of Elite Connections spoke about how to find love, and about the mistakes that many singles often make.

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Vice President Tammi Pickle (left) and CEO Sherri Murphy (right) of Elite Connections, host Party With a Purpose to help homeless youth in LA. Photo Credit: Doug Dobranski, (c). 2017, 2018, Elite Connections.

“We meet all of your matches in person, so you are meeting and dating the kind of person that makes sense.” Sherri Murphy states, adding, “You have a team of experienced, professional matchmakers who are here to guide the way to that special person your heart longs for.”

Sherri Murphy further states, as seen earlier today on NBC News, “Our team of matchmakers screen and interview in a way that authenticates prospects where websites clearly cannot. Thanks to our discreet and personal approach, clients bid adieu to blind dates, and benefit from first dates which often lead to amazing relationships.” Sherri adds, “And there’s peace of mind in knowing if one match doesn’t spark mutual interest, the next one just might!”

Sherri further says, as reported earlier today on NBC News, “We are dedicated to seeking matches that make sense with insightful guidance and personal coaching every step of the way. If you are interested in finding out more about our Elite matchmaking services, or have any questions, please reach out and speak with one of our professional matchmakers who are here to learn about the match that’s just right for you.”


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