Dubai RTA Introduces an Hourly Car Rental Scheme

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is considering offering a new car rental scheme to its metro users.

Some possible benefits of the proposed Smart Rental Initiative include reduced car ownership, resulting in lesser overall carbon emissions, as well as decreased passenger demand on the current metro system.

“The gist of the initiative is that a person rents a car for a short period, not exceeding six hours, by using smart apps on mobile phones or online, and the vehicle will be collected from a public place without involving employees in the process. Once the mission is accomplished, the car has to be returned to a specific location nearby metro stations,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the board of executive directors of RTA, according to the Emirates News Agency.

According to Tayer, the RTA is considering three different models for the new potential car rental scheme.

In the first model, a customer will pick up and drop off the rental at the same original location after its use.

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The second model involves a one-way scheme, where the customer will have the ability to rent at one location and drop off at another. These schemes are offered in cities around the world, including at car rental in Miami and other major US transit points.

The third model would use a station vehicle, where multiple riders will be able to share the same vehicle if they are all going to the same location. By applying the ride sharing concept to car rentals, overall congestion on the roads within Dubai is expected to decrease.

All three models represent exciting opportunities in a new trend across the globe towards short-term car rentals.

According to Surveys conducted by the RTA show that over 66 percent of respondents thought the new rental schemes would be a good idea, with 80 percent of them reporting they would utilize the service if it was provided.

Another 50 percent agreed that the service would be useful for those planning shopping trips and short holidays.

The Smart Rental Initiative has come into play after an increased pressure by the government to increase the sustainability of the Dubai transport system, and after witnessing the success of other similar models across Europe,