An Open Letter to Commissioner Marilyn Mackel

Marilyn Mackel, Commissioner for the Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court, denied 17-year-old foster child Shawn Sage’s request to enlist early in the Marine Corps. Why? Not for reasons of his well-being…oh, no….she denied it because she is an anti-war moonbat. And so, I have a few things I’d like to say to the Commish:

Dear Commissioner Mackel:

I am deeply offended by the sentiments you expressed during your recent decision in the matter of Shawn Sage. Your statements, as reported in the Los Angeles Daily News, were deplorable and far beneath what citizens should be able to expect of their court officers.

You reportedly stated that you denied this young man’s request to enlist early in the Marine Corps because you did not support the Iraq War, did not trust military recruiters, and did not support the military. You insult the very people who ensure that you have a court to sit in, and laws to enforce. Your sentiments you are entitled to; however, your position is such that you are charged with making decisions in the best interests of the children in your courtroom, not in the best interests of an obviously skewed agenda.

I find it absolutely incredible that you would lambaste the Marine Corps in your courtroom, while dealing with cases involving a foster care system rife with abuses, and neglect. Foster children frequently have to endure multiple moves, insecurity, and a system that is notorious for turning them loose at eighteen, often with no clear direction. Here you have a young man with a clear purpose, and a desire to serve his country. And yet, you will not recognize the accomplishment that is, because it does not fit with your particular view. The Marine Corps will welcome him as a brother, give him a family, and ensure that he is taught to conduct himself with honor, courage, and integrity. Clearly, these are not qualities that you value.

You owe this young man, the recruiter, the Marine Corps, the people you serve, and the American people an apology. It is a sad irony that despite your attempts to cast aspersions on the Marine Corps and its long history of defense of our freedom, this young man will no doubt enlist as soon as he is able – defending the rights of people like you, who obviously have absolutely no appreciation for the value of that gift.

Fortunately, there are Americans that do. It would indeed be an ugly country if people like you were in the majority. Most Americans are proud to support our military men and women, and eternally grateful for their service.

As a proud descendent of veterans of the Continental Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy, and the daughter-in-law of a U.S. Army Special Forces Vietnam Veteran, I am deeply disgusted by your actions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Contact information for this poor excuse for a judge is as follows:

Marilyn Mackel, Commissioner

Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court (Dependency)

201 Centre Plaza Drive

Monterey Park, CA 91754

(323) 526-6402

Pamela Duffy is an Awesome Milblogger, who honors and writes about military men and women.