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Pamela Duffy is an Awesome Milblogger, who honors and writes about military men and women.

The End is Nigh?

So here we are, less than a week from an election that could quite literally mean the end of the United States of America as we know her. Paranoia? Perhaps. I never would have believed that my nation could truly be on the verge of voting itself out

Sucking Up – And Standing on the Precipice

Becoming the latest entity to bend over backwards to avoid offending Islam, Sony has halted the issue of its new video game - because music in it might accidentally offend Muslims.

Bibles and Oil and Bears…Oh My!

Friends, family, activists - please, stop sending me these Palin emails!

Enough with the Gas Price Emails, Already!

I'm about fed up with the 'let's teach Big Oil a lesson' emails. All of those schemes make nice spam, but won't do a darned thing to help oil prices. And they show a frightening ignorance of reality

Missing No More

For four years, the family of Sgt. Keith Matthew 'Matt' Maupin has waited for word of his whereabouts. Tonight, they have an answer.

Of Savagery and Civility

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the incident that came to encapsulate Vietnam for the antiwar movement, and for a generation of Americans who lost their stomach for war.

An Open Letter to Commissioner Marilyn Mackel

Court Commissioner Marilyn Mackel recently denied a 17-year old foster child early enlistment in the Marines - because she's anti-war. I have a few things I'd like to say to the Commish:

Make Molotov Cocktails, Not War

The more acceptance there is for the anti-war idiots (or apathy, for that matter), the more likely it is that these things are going to happen...

There Are Not Enough Drugs in the World…

...to make me buy into the Global Good Neighbor Initiative. And not enough sedatives to make me stop laughing...Who knew that the only reason we have any concerns in the world was G.W.B. and his Meanie Machine?

Voici la Moonbatte

You know, I've begun to expect nearly anything from the far Left these days. Take this recent gem from Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, for instance...

Flight 93 Memorial a Tribute to Terrorists?

The rewriting of 9/11 started almost before the fires stopped smoldering. Nowhere is it more offensive than in the effort to build memorials to the victims of that horrific attack.
opinions, ideas.

Body Armor Catch 22: Mobility versus Protection?

The issue of body armor has been hotly debated over the past several years... Today, it appears that the Marines - are adding their voice to the discussion.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Less than two weeks after fate dispensed a sorely-needed taste of justice by neatly eliminating Imad Mughniyeh, another prime example of the worst of humanity has been set free.