An Angel Sets Down in Pasadena, California

Thanks to young men like Mike Stokely, the US is safer than it would be otherwise.

“Our family is in a position of having the special privilege of sacrifice. It was our turn to do our part for the United States of America. I am going to remember my son with honor, make sure people know I was so proud of him.”

Mike Stokely went to Iraq in May 2005, with the 48 Brigade of the Georgia National Guard. He died on August 16th, three months later. It isn’t Mike’s death that makes us safer, it is his willingness to serve his country.

Last week in Pasadena, California, the Soldiers’ Angels organization held its Executive Leadership Conference, where Angels gathered together, many meeting face-to-face for the first time.

Robert Stokely is one of those Angels. Robert is Mike Stokely’s father and Bob Calvert of the radio show took the opportunity to interview him.

We will never forget Mike Stokely, nor any of the young men and women who give their time and energy and sometimes their lives, to serve their country. We were honored and humbled to be with Robert Stokely, that day.

Mike Stokely
Mike Stokely

Calvert is preparing to return to Iraq for a fourth time, in the next month. He was asked to go there urgently, by a National Guard unit, currently in Iraq. The urgency is that they will soon be leaving and they want to document the progress they and the Iraqis have been making, because it isn’t getting out through the mainstream media.

Their stories need to be told, because good work is being done. The lives of young men like Mike Stokely are being given, but for some reason, much of the media has only been interested in talk of failure and death. There is a lot more to the story but only NewsBlaze, TalkingWithHeroes, a few other newspapers and the mil blogs tell it consistently.

We appreciate your help. Big Media isn’t doing its job, so you can join with us and be part of the media, simply by word of mouth and by email.

To find out more on Talking With Heroes, check the website or contact the NewsBlaze editor.

Be an Angel, join Soldiers’ Angels.

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