Amnesty International Support of Free Speech Questioned

At an Amnesty International event Monday, a public gathering of the Ethical Culture Society, a 15 year Amnesty International activist drew attention to the group’s support of the Merida Initiative. Also known as Plan Mexico, this military aid package arms the Mexican army and police involved in the murder and arrest of activists in Oaxaca and Chiapas and the massacres in Atenco.

Larry Cox, head of Amnesty International, speaking from the stage, talked about the birth of the Human Rights Commission.

At some point during Cox’s speech, the human rights activist asked Cox a question about the Merida Plan, that Amnesty International supported, saying “What about the victims of human rights in Mexico, Mr. Cox?”

In a twist of irony, Larry Cox said, “We believe very strongly in freedom of speech,” as the activist was removed from the room, by security.

The activist says Amnesty has not taken a clear stand against the militarization of Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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