America’s Cup – wind drops and the race is on

Below is is the story from today in the public tweets from the automated weather system and the cup officials.

As you follow along you will see the wind is also creating a lot of drama. Wind usually increases during the afternoon and it was increasing steadily but just a few minutes before the scheduled start the wind died down to only 17 kts. and the race was on.

This cup race has been a real nail biter beginning with about race 5 or 6 because Oracle looked like a certain looser but it came back with five wins in a row in the run to 9 wins which would decide the cup.

The New Zealand Kiwi team has only had to win a single race for a week but just can’t seem to overcome the miraculous recovery by team Team U.S.A.

americas cup.png
Americas Cup racing

One hour before scheduled race start:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 1h

WND Wind 255 at 18.6 kts, 20.5 kts peak”

Aproximately one half hour becore scheduled race start:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 37m

WND Wind 270 at 21.7 kts, 23.9 kts peak”

20 minutes till 4 p.m. east coast time, about 20 minutes before the beginning and about a half hour before the actual time the yachts could first cross the start line:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 8m

WND Wind 265 at 22.6 kts, 24.4 kts peak”

And, only five minutes before the hour:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 5m

WND Wind 260 at 20.6 kts, 23.1 kts peak”

Four minutes later:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 1m

WND Wind 255 at 19.5 kts, 22.2 kts peak”

As you can see conditions were getting steadily worse until the last minute.