‘1,000 Days’ Partnership Scales Up Nutrition for Mothers and Children

The United States and the people of Ireland are working together to find more ways to improve maternal and child nutrition in the 1,000 day window between pregnancy and when a child turns 2 years old.

“Bread for the World” and “Concern Worldwide” hosted the event to highlight the importance of improving nutrition for mothers and their children.

According to Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, when nutrition is most critical for saving lives and promoting cognitive and physical development. She stressed the need for collaboration and innovation for the conference truly is saving lives.

“Last September, I was honored to help launch the “1,000 Days” partnership, which is committed to advancing the work you are doing here today. “1,000 Days” is helping to scale up our nutrition efforts by drawing attention to the 1,000 day window of opportunity and by challenging stakeholders to achieve results in the 1,000 days between September 2010 and June 2013.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton reported that the initiative is just over a quarter of the way through the challenge. She said the progress of the initiative is making important headway. She said the United States has increased its investments in nutrition.

“We are better coordinated on the ground; and we are supporting more countries in their efforts to elevate nutrition.”-Ms. Clinton

She said together with the Government of Ireland, the United States recently announced a new commitment to Tanzania, where the government is boldly leading an effort to improve nutrition and food security for its people.

Ms. Clinton reiterated that the United States is increasing its nutrition funding in Tanzania by more than fourfold.

“We are devoting more of our agricultural resources to programs with greater impact on nutrition outcomes.”-Ms. Clinton

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