US Boosts Efforts to Stabilize Iraqi Territories

US ready to help Iraq overthrow ISIS

As terrorism is lurking in Iraq, the United States of America outlined efforts to boost stabilizing territories in the country.

In his remarks in Baghdad, Special Presidential Envoy John Allen

for the Global Coalition To Counter ISIL said the stabilization effort will be the most important signal of the intentions of the Iraqi government towards any and all Iraqis who have been victims of Daesh and those who have been driven from their homes.

“Stabilization operations can be expensive and require dedicated resources.” – Mr. Allen

The US has included in the budget of $2 billion for recovery funding and support of displaced Iraqis. The funding will be essential to move resources quickly to the liberated areas most in need.

In addition, the US will work with the United Nations to further develop the concept of a trust fund and find appropriate support.

“We will work together to assist and support Iraq as we are able.” – Mr. Allen

special envoy allen
Special Presidential Envoy John Allen

Overthrow of Daesh

According to Mr. Allen, the recovery of Iraqis from under Daesh’s control is now beginning in earnest.

He underlined that as Daesh is defeated in population centers and the military forces must move on to other objectives, there will be an immediate need for policing and public security efforts to set the conditions for essential service delivery.

To cite an example, populations that have fled the fighting will need shelter, assistance, and security, until they can return home.

In addition, Mr. Allen cited important components to reinforce efforts to stabilize Iraq and the total overthrow of Daesh

First, Mr. Allen emphasized the clearing element when the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Forces remove Daesh from a town or city.

Second is the security and policing element that deals with crime and provides general security so life can return to normal.

Third is restoring local governance which will be difficult because many officials are in exile, were killed, or cooperated with Daesh.

Lastly, is providing for essential services including short-term restoration of services such as health, water, electricity, and rebuilding critical infrastructure.

Mr. Allen stressed that these four components will be applied differently to the circumstances found in each liberated area.

In addition, he emphasized that is important that the plan is unique for each city and town, and prepare the necessary resources.

The word DAESH is commonly used by Western media referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham or commonly known as ISIS.

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