Tehran ‘s Hands in Iraqi Explosion; Where Does US Stand?

While the Iraqi regime’s State TV broadcast confessions of the alleged mastermind behind massive bombings that struck Baghdad, opposition politicians voiced doubt at the sham televised confessions – which resemble the Iranian regime’s intolerable TV shows and confessions of detained protestors, claiming that the real perpetrators are still free.

Al Iraq-Al Youm state TV blamed the Iranian revolutionary guards for the vicious explosion.

Former Iraqi Head of Intelligence, Mohammad Alshahvani, revealed claims of relevant information and documents depicting the true perpetrators of the inhuman explosion, he had to escape to safety after this revelation.

At least 101 people were killed and between 500 and 1,000 wounded in a series of mid-morning blasts, which coincided with the sixth anniversary of the deadly bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad.”

The Times-24 August

“Maj. Gen. Jihad al-Jabouri, commander of an Iraqi bomb disposal unit, said the trucks carried ammonium nitrate fertilizer, along with artillery and mortar shells. The truck that hit the Foreign Ministry held 4,400 pounds of explosives, he said, while that at the Finance Ministry carried 3,300 pounds”

NewYork Times -20 August

Iran menace in Iraq,Ashraf solution
You will be hit just where you don’t expect to be hit!

This is while Iraqi officials have sought to convince the world that Iraq has finished with war and is a ‘safe heaven’ by pulling down blast walls around Baghdad, including those near the Foreign and Finance Ministries. They have constantly refused to ask the American military for help in any major way since Iraqi soldiers took full security responsibility in the cities on June 30.

Maliki’s claims that Iraq is independently established and capable of guaranteeing safety for its citizens without American help, has been shattered.

Brig. Gen. Stephen R. Lanza’s unprofessional comment that “”The Iraqis were fully in the lead yesterday and remain there today,” makes things worse for the Iraqis as they have proved the Iranian Opposition’s – PMOI’s revelations to have been productive and coherent with regards to Tehran’s unremitting foothold in Iraq.

The Islamic Party of Iraq announced: “Keeping silence over negligence of the security forces toward country’s state of security while dozens of people get killed everyday is not acceptable. These are organized criminal acts and not self motivated ones. The perpetrators benefit from extensive facilities and means in the level of governments and states.”

Ussama Nujifi, a prominent Member of Iraqi Parliament, said: “I direct my accusation against Iran. Iran is the only country capable of carrying out an attack of this magnitude and to infiltrate security forces in this situation. Iran has interests in encouraging sectarian strife among people in Iraq. The border is open and it can infiltrate Iraqi institutions in different ways. This is not the kind of operation conducted by individuals or groups because they cannot carry out such a coordinated operation… In recent years, Iran has sent many messages and the United States has received them and they are negotiating at the moment. I hope that is not at the expense of the Iraqi people.” (Al-Arabiya TV)

Mazan Al-Kheshab, press officer of the Iraqi Union in London, said: “It is very clear. The Katyusha rockets are manufactured in Iran and the Qods Force has provided the training for its use… The only solution is for the government to be removed completely. “(Al-Rafedein Iraqi TV)

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in his best words explained the truth behind the explosion;

“How could this truck pass unless there is collaboration.There was collaboration between security forces and the terrorist group to facilitate the passing of this truck through such a sensitive area.”

In 2007, the Iranian opposition, PMOI, revealed in a press conference valuable information that much of the continued violence in Iraq is due to the interference of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxy agents in the internal affairs of its western neighbor.

The documents exposed a list of 32,000 agents of the mullahs’ regime, who are primarily affiliated with the Badr Brigade of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, who receive monthly salaries from the Iranian regime. The documents contained extraordinary detail of personnel codes, account numbers and the amount of monthly salary of each individual in the Iranian currency, Rial.

The documents implied in detail that 481 representatives of Khamenei are present in the Badr Corps, some holding key positions in the Iraqi government and Parliament. Their orders are to command departments to ensure the Supreme Leader’s orders and directives are carried out, and report directly to Khamenei’s Office.

A part of the list contained details on individuals that have been transferred from the Badr Corps to other sections. While officially they are listed as being purged or laid off, some of them have actually been hired by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) or assigned by the Qods Force to extra-territorial missions. Their names appear on the list.

Iran, through its support of the Shi’ite fundamentalist parties-Moqtada al-Sadr’s Al-Daawa and Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim’s SCIRI (the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq) – and their respective militias (Jaish al-Mahdi, and the Badr and Wolf Brigades) and through the deployment of its Sepah al-Qods (the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ most secretive, elite, and skilled unit, responsible for all terror attacks abroad), has effectively gained significant influence and control over Iraqi society.

This foiled the harsh truth; Iraq is now the premier battleground in the war between Islamic fundamentalism as represented by both the Tehran regime and al-Qa’eda, and those oriented towards a modern, non-fundamentalist, secular, democratic society, which in Iraq includes over half of the total population.

The unfolding and tragic events in Iraq such as the blood bath often related to the Ministry of Interior and pro-Iranian elements leave us to believe that ‘Any form of negotiation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and/or its proxies is appeasement – appeasement is a slow form of surrender.”

Mullahs in Iran have repeatedly stated that their front line against the United States is in Iraq, and consider Lebanon and Palestine as the regime’s “strategic depth.” They have explicitly declared that “with every bomb exploding in Iraq, the U.S. conspiracies against Iran is delayed for a month,” because “the case of Iran will not be resolved at the negotiating table but in the streets of Beirut and Baghdad.”

(Mohebi-Nia, member of mullahs’ parliament, May 18, 2006 and Kayhan daily, August 27, 2006)

To end the article I would rather refer to Houshiar Zivari’s recent conclusion of the latest tragic terrorist attack in Baghdad ;

“Enough of these over-optimistic remarks about security. There has been a deterioration in the security situation; this is a fact, and the coming (violence) will be bigger. The government has to reconsider the composition of its security institutions. If they are penetrated, at least at some level, then we have a serious problem.”

It is surprising that the Iraqi authorities have never mentioned a word about the terrorist Qods Force or the Iranian regime’s crimes, meddling and rampant terrorism in Iraq and the multitude of explosives, ammunition and weapons that are sent to that country from Iran. Instead, they do not hesitate to attack and press charges against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The major Question is; Where do US obligations towards the mess in Iraq stand and ;

Why, if there is so much needed mobilization to safeguard Baghdad, is Maliki withholding 2000 special forces for an illegal and Internationally banned and condemned siege of an unarmed residential refugee Camp “Ashraf’

The aforementioned ‘security forces’ had viciously attacked the defenseless camp on 28 July, at the behest of Tehran only to leave 11 residents murdered in cold blood, 1000 wounded and injured and 36 abducted. The Camp residents decided to start a hunger strike as their only humane weapon against insults and injustice and brutal attack implemented on them on the same day they had agreed to return to their homelands under International safekeeping.

5.2 million Iraqis had previously signed a declaration last June in which they said that the only way to establish democracy in Iraq is to cut off the hands of the mullahs’ regime and its agents in Iraq. They expressed their support for the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Iraq and the need for their stay in Iraq as a major barrier to the expansion of fundamentalism and terrorism emanating from the clerical regime ruling Iran.

PMOI/MEK ‘s definitive role in unbalancing Tehran’s meddling in Iraq is pointed out by IPC President and former member of the National Security Council Staff at the White House, Professor Raymond Tanter; “Iraqis and U.S. military personnel also credited the MEK with a key role in helping the formation of Sunni Awakening Councils. The MEK worked to reconcile Sunnis with U.S. forces and convinced many Sunnis to participate in Iraq ‘s political process. The political impact of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq in Iraq extended beyond relations between Sunnis and the U.S. military to reconciliation among Kurds, Sunni Arabs, and Shiite Arabs. Without such MEK intervention, there is likely to be not only an explosion of Sunni assaults against U.S. Forces but also Shiite attacks against our forces using Iranian weapons, as is taking place in southern Iraq by Shiites.”

The role played by the PMOI presence in Iraq and the forced suppressive presence of 2000 Iraqi Special Forces surrounding Camp Ashraf only relays a sharp message;

Mr. Maliki not only finds no enmity on behalf of terrorists sent by Tehran but aims to fulfill Iran’s orders to eradicate Tehran’s main enemy in the residential Camp Ashraf under US observance.

I must say I find this equation irrational and repugnantly in violation of all International Humanitarian values and Conventions.

General Thomas McInerney (Lt Gen, US Air Force Ret, chair of the IPC Advisory Council), in an interview in this regard stated that “It would be outrageous for the U.S. military to shirk its responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention by allowing the Iranian dissidents at Camp Ashraf to be dispersed throughout Iraq or repatriated to Iran. Adherence to international law by American forces is essential to ensuring that our own troops are treated consistently with their international legal rights.

Surrender to Islamo-fascism is not an option, plain and simple. And the sooner our foreign service and the foreign ministries of our European allies understand this point, the better!

The answer lies in supporting the pivotal opposition movement – PMOI – that has proved throughout the years to be the only viable solution to the warmongering religious fascism – The wavering Tehran regime.