Patriot Guard Rider, ‘ByPass’ Bob Wells Speaks at Soldiers’ Angels Conference

.” all the veterans… Patriot Guard Riders will always be here for you…”

Bob Wells is the Florida Chaplain for the Patriot Guard Riders. Formed in November, 2005, the Patriot Guard now has 130,000 members around the world.

As Bob tells it, the PGR mission is to show respect for the men and women serving their country. He gives a history of how they started as a show of respect for the KIA coming home; how their mission has now expanded to send offs for units, helping our wounded, and Welcome Home missions.

A veteran himself, Bob talks with Bob Calvert, host of the Talking With Heroes radio show, about how Patriot Guard Riders and Soldiers’ Angels work together, most recently on “Jeremy’s House.”

The video was made at the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference, in Pasadena, California, where 150 Soldiers’ Angels and their supporters flew in, many meeting for the first time, after working together for years.

Ros Prynn
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