Brigadier General (Retired) James Combs Lauds Soldiers’ Angels

.” ..this old soldier is extraordinarily proud of this generation….”
Brigadier General James P. Combs

Brigadier General Combs is a 41 year veteran of the US military. He has seen much in his career and shares his insights on the progress our military has made in the current global war. Along the way he was witness to the full force of Soldiers’ Angels! Stating his belief that when we are a nation at war, the whole country must step up together, Brigadier General Combs says of Soldiers’ Angels: “They threw their arms around the problems, and aggressively pursued solutions.

Brigadier General Combs has shared in the making of history, been a witness, and has an insider’s stories about our military. He also talks about the relationship between Soldiers Angels and our military, interwoven with his appreciation for the integral service of Soldiers Angels volunteers.

In this video, Brigadier General Combs talks with Bob Calvert, host of the Talking With Heroes radio show, at the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference, in Pasadena, California, where 150 Soldiers’ Angels and their supporters flew in, many meeting for the first time, after working together for years.

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Ros Prynn
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