Maliki’s Remarks Constitute a Clear Violation of MOU signed By Iraqi Government

MOU signed with UN violated by Maliki, through repressive measures against Ashraf residents and announcing that arrest warrants are issued against them, and threatening to take action if they are not out of Iraq before the end of April.

Mrs. Rajavi urges urgent action by UN, US and EU on Iraqi violation of engagements, calls for an international conference to save peaceful solution

In an interview on Monday January 16, 2012 with the mullahs’ regime Arabic TV channel al-Alam, the Iraqi Prime Minister completely despoiled the MOU signed with the UN on Ashraf and his engagements towards the UN and the US, repeating false accusations by the mullahs’ regime: “The PMOI is involved in terrorism. They have been condemned on international level for their involvement in terrorism, so it is not possible, neither legally nor for interest considerations for this organization to be allowed to stay in Iraq.”

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Admitting having taken repressive and criminal measures against Ashraf residents he said: “We pressured them. Our position was to end their presence on December 31. In actuality we had taken all measures to prepare to end this presence in any form possible. There were interventions and mediations.

The UN Secretary General contacted. Personalities and officials due to interest and that it wouldn’t result in a confrontation with them and as a result they requested they, in four months in 2012, stay until the fourth month. But an agreement with the United Nation took place for it to take over this job and this (United Nations) take their responsibility. Until the end of fourth month is reached, Ashraf will be closed and will be returned to its owners and they will be transferred to a new camp near the airport.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister, who receives orders from the Tehran regime, said in clear violation of the MOU: “We have now 121 arrest warrants for those who are now in Ashraf city, who have committed crimes.” He added: “At the end of the fourth month their departure from the country should be finished. Either they will go to Iran under the Amnesty given by the Islamic Republic or they will go to countries that will extend them refugee status and those who have passports will travel normally to countries they have their passport such as Canada or France or other countries they have their passport.” He then threatened: “We have endured them for long and we will endure them for the next four months and we will see that if the United Nations will be able (to resettle them – translator) or not. If it couldn’t then we will act because we own this country and we are the authority and such an organization is a violation of our authority.”

At the same time, information from inside the mullahs’ regime shows that Danaifar, the mullahs’ regime ambassador in Baghdad, has asked Maliki to “extradite to Iran those leading the PMOI in camp Ashraf, and Maliki has promised to turn over those people in the time frame set by the regime and would do all in his power to further shorten the period.”

According to the same information the Iraqi government, on orders received from Iran and by “building high wall around the camp and the presence of a large number of security forces inside the perimeter of the new camp” is trying to increase pressure on the residents while trying to hurdle the implementation of the MOU, hindering his own engagements according to the signed document, in order to allege that the PMOI was not cooperating and was violating the MOU.

Therefore, there is no doubt, as the Iranian Resistance has time and again confirmed, including in statements of January 2, 9 and 13, that the Iranian regime aided by the Iraqi government wants to prevent a peaceful settlement of the Ashraf problem. A settlement confirmed by the international community including Secretary Clinton, Baroness Ashton and the Secretary General of the UN and for which accomplishment the Ashraf residents have to this day abandoned many of their just rights.

Maliki’s remarks and his government’s acts constitute a clear violation of December 25 MOU signed by the Iraqi government and the special representative of the UN Secretary General and the latter’s letter of December 28 to Ashraf residents, showing clearly that Maliki wants to turn camp Liberty into a prison for Ashraf residents with the signature of the United Nations, in order to pressure them to surrender to the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Be it by insisting on the faked warrants or consistent mention of the “amnesty issued by the Islamic Republic” or stressing that he would take action unless all Ashraf residents left Iraq by the end of April, he reveals criminal plans by the Iranian regime and his ill intentions to implement those plans. It is ridiculous to talk of amnesty in a regime having executed 43 people since the New Year, with at least three political prisoners charged with having familial relations with Ashraf residents among them.

On the verge of faked legislative elections for the mullahs’ parliament, and increasing internal crisis and at a time when the uprising of the Syrian people has made the bell toll for the mullahs’ regime, this regime tries to avoid certain downfall through acquiring atomic weapons and annihilation of its main opposition through Iraqi proxies.

Regretting the complete denial, in words and in deeds, of the MOU just after its signature by the Iraqi government, Mrs Rajavi called for firm position and urgent action by the UN Security Council and Secretary General, the US administration and the European union on the Iraqi violations and the series of illegal acts of the Iraqi government along with continuous violation of international conventions and law related to Ashraf residents. She once again called for an international conference with the participation of representatives of the UNHCR, OHCHR, special representative for the UN Secretary General, representatives of Ashraf residents, the Iraqi government, the US administration and the European Union.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.