2008 Run and Remember – for Team Eli

2008 Marine Marathon, TAPS Team

The Marine Corp Marathon: the beginning

It is that time of year when “The People’s Marathon” is run to raise money for worthy Marine-related causes. Started from the idea of one man, the Marine Corp Marathon has grown annually. From that first run in 1976 when 1,175 runners participated on November 7, now the run attracts many teams, honouring specific Marines, and causes.

Team Eli is honoring Eli Parker and raising money for the TAPS program. TAPS is the “Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.” Not that I am biased, but this program does fantastic work across the US in support of the families of our fallen heroes. Eli’s parent know well what it means to survive and honour a fallen hero.

TAPS team Running for Eli

For this story I did research Eli, and what I found is more than I can share here. There is much to know about this precious son of Donna and Renny.

If it is true that one picture says a thousand words, I found two that maybe come close to the essence of Eli.:

And now his family is running in the Marine Corps Marathon in Eli’s name – and to honour sons like Patrick Tainsh, too – to raise money for a cause close to their hearts: TAPS.

When the unthinkable happens to America’s military families and a loved one is taken by war, illness, accident, or suicide – there’s an organization uniquely designed to meet their needs. The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a caring community of families that have suffered similar losses, is waiting to walk alongside the newly bereaved.

young Eli
A glimpse of the future Marine?
Semper Fi, Parker family

TAPS is America’s front line resource for all who are grieving the death of a loved one serving in the Armed Forces. Since 1994, TAPS has provided comfort and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. [http://www.taps.org/] Follow the link to see all the great work TAPS does, day in day out, all year round.

The Marathon is very close now and Renny and Donna are fundraising as part of Team Eli. So far they are at almost 50% of their goal, so they need YOUR help. Please check out the Team Eli page and see what you can do.

Running for Eli, Team Eli

To find out more information on both the TAPS team “Run and Remember,” and all the great things TAPS does year round, go here: [ TAPS]

Semper Fi, Marines!

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