US Promotes Development of Civil Society and Media Freedom in Belarus

One vital focus of U.S. assistance to Belarus is the development of a civil society and media freedom.

U.S. assistance to Belarus also supports the Belarusian people in achieving a government that respects their democratic rights and fundamental freedoms.

The U.S. assistance is targeting also on areas to promote the opening of space for the free expression of political views.

U.S. announced also an additional $4 million to be used in response to the Government of Belarus’ crackdown on civil society, independent media and the political opposition following the flawed December 2010 presidential election.

Other programs support civic engagement such as projects in the social sector and those working to empower entrepreneurs, and increase access to independent higher education. The U.S. assistance also include humanitarian assistance programs that will relieve suffering of the vulnerable.


Peace and Security (P&S)

  • Combat trafficking in persons by increasing non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy skills, increasing public awareness, building job skills among potential victims, and assisting with victim reintegration”*Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD)”
  • Provide immediate humanitarian and legal assistance to those being repressed
  • Enhance civic participation and civil society development
  • Increase media freedom and access to objective information
  • Support political pluralism

    Investing in People (IIP)

  • Help implement the World Health Organization’s strategy to prevent and treat tuberculosis
  • Increase access to higher education, including support to the European Humanities University and the development of an English language MBA program
  • Support the integration of vulnerable populations such as orphans, the elderly and the disabled into society and improve their standards of living.

    Economic Growth (EG)

  • Strengthen independent business associations, expand the small and medium enterprise sector, and support their with trade potential in order to diversify and strengthen free-market mechanisms

    Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

    Provide basic assistance to the most vulnerable populations through the transportation and distribution of humanitarian assistance in the forms of food, clothing, and medical supplies donated by private American citizens and the U.S. Government


  • Supported the efforts of 48 business associations to monitor the business environment, advocate for reforms, and mobilize the business community and broader civil society to influence public policy, leading to an 11 percent increase in membership.
  • Helped to reintegrate an additional 70 victims of trafficking back into society.
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