The Washington Post and Bloomberg to Launch Global News Service

The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News, announced today as a global news service, will provide content from both The Post and Bloomberg News. Daily stories will be released to other newspapers, Web sites and subscribers.

WaPo will provide news about what’s going on Washington D.C., and Bloomberg will provide a co-branded Web-based business news page on, that includes content from both the Post and Bloomberg web sites.

The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL real-time service will now include all of The Washington Post’s news content, including their breaking-news alerts, for their existing 300,000 subscribers.

“Professionals worldwide rely on Bloomberg News for accurate and timely perspective, while Washington’s decision-makers depend on The Post’s thorough reporting on politics and policy. As politics and economics converge on a global scale, this association will create the go-to source for news and analysis of today’s critical issues,” said Matthew Winkler, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News.

“This is a formidable collaboration,” executive editor of The Washington Post, Marcus Brauchli, said. “It brings together The Post’s vast expertise on politics and policy news in Washington with Bloomberg’s highly regarded global financial, economic and political news franchise. It also brings together The Post’s prize-winning feature writers and columnists with Bloomberg’s team of top-notch journalistic talent.”

Bloomberg has a global geographic reach and covers a wide range of topics. Their categories include business, entertainment, culture and the arts. Bloomberg executives say this collaboration complements The Post’s content for subscribers.

The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News service plans to start on January 1, 2010. 120 stories will be provided each day, covering what they call “an expansive selection of news across topics” to their subscribers. Stories will include photos, graphics and other story elements, including video, for news organizations around the world.

Alan Gray
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