More Air Time to Local Charities in South Florida, says Channel 16

Channel 16, a news and entertainment channel that provides not-for-profit organizations with live, real-time broadcasting from their fundraising events, will be providing news coverage equipped with all the latest broadcasting technology that is expected to empower communities.

“One of the most pressing challenges facing not-for-profit organizations is obtaining news coverage for their special events,” says Jack Namer, founder of 3FTelevision and Channel 16, Eye on South Florida. “With editorial space at a premium, charities are finding it ever more difficult to get support.

“Competition for donations is fierce and charities need publicity to help raise funds for their vital programs,” he says. “Our broadcasting capabilities showcase who they are and what they do to a wide range of demographics,” he adds.

Helping Non Profits Get The Word Out

According to Namer, South Florida is the first of many markets they will cover with their live streaming technology. “Since our inception, the not for profit community has wholeheartedly embraced us. The feedback I am receiving has been overwhelmingly positive,” he says.

By using proprietary multimedia broadcasting technology together with the benefits of social media, Eye on south Florida will be able to inform donors, constituents, supporters and followers of different charities when to tune in to the live streaming as it unfolds.

Eye on South Florida & Channel 16

Updates can also be sent through text messages to mobile smartphone users generated by 3FTV’s proprietary marketing software.

Eye on South Florida Is A Great Tool

The impact of Eye on South Florida coverage is multi-faceted. Once confirmed, a crew attends the event and it can be viewed, in real time by the public, on select cable and TV channels as well as on the Internet and mobile smart phones. Live interviews are conducted with event organizers, board members, honorees, VIP guests and supporting sponsors.

After an event, the Eye on team goes back to the studio and edits a quality news package that is featured and later archived on their website, benefiting all involved with unprecedented viewership participation 24/7.

“What Eye on SF is offering the non-profit community is an invaluable tool and asset. They truly understand the meaning of giving back to our community,” said Jen Klaassens, vice president of programs of The Wasie Foundation.

To date, the Eye on SF news team has been present at numerous notable events, including Broward Navy Days, Second Annual BankAtlantic Non-Profit Academy Awards, Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2012, presented by Big Brothers Big Sisters, The 2nd Annual BSO Public Safety Expo and Delish 2012 presented by The Wasie Foundation.

“Our versatile Channels will broadcast and promote community news and entertainment that helps create a new generation of leaders and not breeders of negative lifestyles.” says Marisela D’Baldriche, vice president of production and acquisitions at 3F Television.

Competition for donations is fierce and charities need publicity to help raise funds

Founded in 2011, Channel 16 is an innovative news and entertainment channel dedicated to providing an outlet to non-profit organizations with live, real time broadcasting from their fundraising events. Namer provides the on-air service pro bono.

By keeping an Eye on SF first, which is his home, Namer plans to set the stage for the world to see the difference.