Ground-Breaking Show ‘Vernuccio/Allison Report’ Now Available Nationwide

Do you listen to national experts talk about what their views are on a daily basis? The Vernuccio/Allison Report began as an insiders guide to the news, aimed at key media & government leaders.

Affiliated with the New York Analysis of Policy & Government, the “Vernuccio/Allison Report” features vital names from think tanks, politics, and key agencies.

The broadcast’s uniquely authoritative and intelligent take on major issues had appeal beyond the trade, however, and is now available nationwide via am/fm 24/7, iTunes, & Speaker as well as on the air in select locations, including New York & Tampa, Florida.

This is your one place to elaborate on all the headlines and listen to the way others feel on the same topic. The show is affiliated with the New York Analysis of Policy and Government and the Nationally Syndicated Minute Report for America. The Vernuccio/Allison Report is the first step to understanding the news and staying fresh on new topics!

Frank Vernuccio is the Editor-in-Chief of the nationally read New York Analysis of Policy & Government, ( and has served in both Republican & Democrat administrations. Frank also produces the syndicated Minute Report for America heard on numerous stations nationwide.