December 2017 Calendar of Global Media and Showbiz Industry Social Networking Events

InfoComm MEA 2017

InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd is the Singapore-based subsidiary of AVIXA which controls trade shows throughout the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions. From December 5-7 it will stage InfoComm MEA 2017 in Dubai, an Audio Visual, Entertainment and Information Communication Technology event, and VRARA Dubai Chapter will open a pavilion for the event.

VRARA Dubai Chapter brings together local and global talent, to create a community of AR and VR innovators from the original content creators and creative distributors, innovative hardware companies and to meticulous researchers. Also, VRARA Dubai works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, giving those so engaged, worldwide reach and potential in the burgeoning AR/VR field.

Added features at InfoComm MEA VR-AR Pavilion will be structured to enable participants to gain marketing exposure through InfoComm MEA pre-show marketing campaign of e-Newsletter, social media and advertising to over 150,000 regional databases sourced from InfoComm International and Dubai World Trade Centre related events, in additional to VRAR marketing channels.

InfoComm VR-AR Dubai PavilionThe VR/AR Association is formed of chapters in major cities around the world to help its members locally and to connect them to global opportunities wherever they happen. Chapters are run by a Chapter President whose responsibilities include hosting events, industry panel discussions and presentations, and connecting members. Chapters offer face-to-face networking at local events, and the global network of chapters connects the best people and companies anywhere.

Set within a historical trading hub for national and international businesses, VRARA Dubai works across the globe with other VRARA chapters, granting worldwide reach and potential. VRARA is a global industry association that strives to offer a connected local and global community of members through its initiatives like the Industry Committees, the Directory, and via local Chapters that hold local events.

The VRARA is focused on creating a member community of not only VR and AR solution providers and content creators, but also having a large percentage of members being the brands and customers of VR and AR.

Children’s Global Media Summit

Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester has an objective to shape what the future of children’s media could look like for the next decade. It will bring together speakers, debaters, masterclasses and a showcase of content and technology in a city, Manchester, known for its progressive implementation of digital technology.

Formerly known as the ‘World Summit on Media for Children’, the Summit was founded in 1995, beginning in Australia, and is held every three years. London was the host city in 1998 and the last city to host the Summit was Kuala Lumpur in 2014.

During the three-day Summit that opens December 5, sessions and keynotes will focus on five key themes: Innovation, Empowerment, Freedom, Entertainment and Education. Alice Webb, Director BBC Children’s and BBC North, and Tricia Edgar, World Summit on Media for Children Foundation Chair, take part in the opening Unlimited Keynote.

In 2017, for the first time, the event program is being curated by the BBC who in tandem with a group of broadcast partners, academic institutions and policymakers, will shape a program of content that reflects the world of media through the eyes of a young global audience.

Children’s Global Media Summit Presenters

Some of the presenters on the program for Children’s Global Media Summit include: Michelle Guthrie, ABC; Linda Simensky, Children’s Programming, PBS; Malik Ducard, Family and Learning at YouTube; Resh Sidhu, Framestore; Richard Scudamore, Premier League; Alex Okosi, Viacom International Media; Cheryl Taylor, BBC Childrens; Jeffrey D. Dunn, Sesame Workshop.

Children’s Global Media Summit is the eighth commissioned by the World Summit on Media for Children Foundation. The World Summit on Media for Children Foundation is an independent body which uses its expertise, networks and influence to: reach greater understanding of developments in children’s media around the world, foster innovation in the development, design and provision of media for children, stress the constructive role of media in the development, education and well-being of children, draw the attention of central figures in digital media to the importance of issues relating to children’s lives, reassure the implementation of high-quality digital resources are provided for children as the communications landscape shifts and advances, take a role in administering future opportunities of high-quality media for all.

International Theater Expo

International Theater Expo will showcase facilities and services for theater, auditorium, and stage Exhibition in the Koto district of Tokyo. This event showcases products like contour curtain Sound light reflector Revolving stage, laser-light, smoke effects, special effects, digital picture delivery system, 3D/4D systems, clothes, makeup, special effect make-up etc.

The visitor profile for the three-day event opening December 6 is expected to include professionals from theater-hall-stage, arena, concert hall, management supplier, cinema, theater, theme and amusement park, museums, memorial halls, tourist association, schools and other educational institutions.

The range of products and services offered and on exhibit will be wide-ranging in scope. Stage art and mechanism products and services will include contour curtains, flying equipment, shading devices, sound/light reflector, moving floors, revolving stage, and control units. Picture and sound effects utilities will include projectors, 3D/4D systems, PA apparatus, screens, sound systems, digital picture delivery systems, speakers.

Theater management facilities combined with choreography/staging resources will include: AED, seating, access control systems, signboard/digital signage, security systems, stage setting, costume, makeup and special effects makeup, staging service. Lighting and special effects accessories will include lighting equipment, smoke effects, lighting control systems, laser lighting, special effects.

Concurrent shows will run alongside International Theater Expo 2017. Japan Theme Park Expo 2017 will offer an exhibition of facilities and services for development and operation of theme park and leisure facilities. Illumination and Projection Mapping Area, another show concurrently running with THEATEX, focuses on illumination planning, lighting consulting, designer attachment and construction, LED / organic EL lighting, lighting control solutions, Visual equipment, projection mapping, acoustic equipment, stage equipment, fireworks and other relevant areas.

The Leisure Sports Expo 2017 show will highlight services about sports experience, leisure industry such as watching motorsports, outdoor sports and bouldering, in an industry that is expecting the expansion of sports business, sightseeing industries and the holiday making business in the immediate future.

Comic Arts Los Angeles

Comic Arts Los AngelesComic Arts Los Angeles is a two-day event being held from 9th December to 10th December 2017 at the Avenue 17 Studios in Los Angeles, United States Of America. This event showcases products like public event promoting the appreciation of comics, graphic novels, and sequential arts among the broader Los Angeles public, illustration, animation, fine art etc. in the Sporting Goods, Toys and Games industry.

Exhibitor will showcase public event promoting the appreciation of comics, graphic novels, and sequential arts among the broader Los Angeles public, illustration, animation, fine art etc. Prior to the comic arts exhibition, CALA will host the Uncivilized Books release of FÜTCHI PERF, with Kevin Czap, at Other Books, on December 7, and the west coast release of LA RAZA ANTHOLOGY, with Editor Kat Fajardo, on December 8, also at Other Books.

Some exhibiting artists will include: Amber Huff, An Nguyen (saicoink), Beyond Press, Blue Delliquanti, CALABitches, chu nap, Cold Cube Press, Comics MFA – California College of the Arts, Dandelion Wine Collective, Eggman Comics, The Funhaus/Fred Noland, The Glass Scientists, Haejin Park, Hertz Alegrio, Hollow Press, Jesse Fillingham, Jon Marchione, Leslie Hung, LACHSA Zine Club: Displacement, Martian Press, Madeline McGrane, Maia Kobabe, Nishant Saldanha, Nothing Left To Learn, Pablo Leon, Perfectly Acceptable Press, Protein Press, Rainbow Brainskull, The Scissorhood, Tyler J. Hutchinson, Yumi Sakugawa, Youth In Decline, and so many other comic book artists and institutions. CALA is a free, public event promoting the appreciation of comics, graphic novels, and sequential arts among the broader Los Angeles public. CALA aims to engage the public and provide the community a space to connect creatively and discover new work.

VR/AR Redefining The Theme Park Experience and Redefining Art

VR/AR Redefining The Theme Park Experience and Redefining Art will be a meetup event set for December 14 only and hosted by the Toronto chapter of The VRARA, the growing international trade organization for the immersive technology industry. Individuals and institutions may participate in VR AR Industry Committees (vertical markets or areas of specialization) on Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Retail, and other areas. View a full listing at this link ( The first half-hour of the meetup will be dedicated to networking and for people to socialize over snacks and beverages.

VRARA event in TorontoA workshop on 3D Painting with Google Tilt Brush will be offered, demonstrating how to draw and make content in VR/AR. Then a panel on location-based VR explores an upcoming competitor to the Rec Room, Dave and Busters, and even Wonderland with games and rides powered entirely with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Then, there will be a Tilt Brush/Blocks ARt contest, using the insight taught in the earlier session, about how to make content and creative work with this tool. Amazon Gift Cards will be awarded as prizes to contest winners.

Separately, there will also be a free live stream of “VRARA: VR/AR Redefining The Theme Park Experience and Redefining Art” set for the same day at 18:30 hours, which can be viewed at link: The session will seek to demonstrate and convey experiences that VR/AR can provide by adopting Disney World and Wonderland experiences in ways that demand less space, less money, and more potential for growth. Although free (and streamed), registration is essential.

San Diego Tango Festival

San Diego Tango Festival is a six-day event running right up to New Year’s Day, that will strive to create a fun environment to learn and enjoy Tango dancing technique, physical condition, and etiquette that is standard. All activities happen at a location on the waterfront with sunsets, and where the beginner’s intensive tango weekend is conducted, amid typical San Diego weather.

Also scheduled are advanced couples classes that begin with fundamentals of leader’s sacadas and explore the universal leader’s sacada, and how to create continuous leader’s sacadas. Instructors will introduce follower’s sacadas and how they can be combined with leader’s sacadas to form continuous lead/follow sacada chains The festival program aims to provide the skilled DJs and instructors that can keep the participants learning and dancing.

Tango Festival San DiegoTango Festival Instructors include Argentine Tango duo, Maxi and Paloma, Tango Berretin dance instructors Alex Krebs and Patricia Becker, social dance coaches Homer and Cristina Ladas, 2016 U.S. Tango Champions Tilly Kimm and Adam Cornett, dance and music lecturers/instructors Felipe Martinez and Ayano Yoneda, Tango and exercise instructor (and creator of Tango Inform) Carrie Field.

With no formal dress code, attending dancers are advised to wear loose comfortable clothes, and for women, skirts that aren’t too tight or too long. Leather bottom shoes are best (for both men and women) and women should wear a low heel (1-2 inch) shoe that straps to the foot.

The Tango Festival program will feature Tango Inform is a series of warmups and exercises, devised to prepare the body specifically for tango. The exercises of Tango Inform use four concepts: release, stretch, strength, and Patterning. Some of the exercises are from Pilates, yoga and Bartenieff Fundamentals, while others are original to Tango Inform. Prepare for the day of dancing ahead, Improve ease of movement, grace and physical confidence and gain an intuitive understanding of the tango body.

The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Calendar of Global Media and Showbiz Industry Social Networking Events” page. If you like this report and other content found on The Actor’s Checklist, like the Facebook page at this link. India/France fusion band, TRINAAD is set to unveil a new album. Visit their page for more details.

With the year 2017 in the rearview mirror and the slight dip in events stemming from the holiday period, January 2018 opens up with brisk calendar activity. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018) will probably be the biggest convention event in Las Vegas in January, 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be televised live from Los Angeles, satellite, broadcast and digital entertainment convention CABSAT opens in Dubai, VR FEST 2018 will be in Las Vegas, the NATPE Miami Marketplace and Conference addressing the global television industry will be run out of South Beach, annual Sundance Film Festival returns to Park City, annual Salon de la Radio 2018 returns to Paris, LINK VR Showcase opens in Austin, 60th Annual Grammy Awards moves east this year to New York City where it will be televised live.