Costa Rica News: As it Happens

Like anywhere else in the world, typically the news reported by online or print newspapers comes to you a day after it has already happened. This is the physics of print media therefore it will never change.

Online media reporting sites have a slight advantage as they can report, change and update on the fly. However many do not. Typically the digital mediums (IE: news sites) will receive their news each morning via “Google Alerts,” and at a predetermined time each morning, they will take the articles of interest to their readership and repost them on their sites. This is pretty standard when it comes to Costa Rica news.

Now there is a fresh alternative to the ‘old school’ methods. These days people interested in Costa Rica news can get it…AS IT HAPPENS!

Quite literally actually. During the past couple 6+ earthquakes, while the ground was still shaking, it was already being reported on the Costa Rica news site. Rather groundbreaking indeed (no pun intended).

How is it accomplished?

Well with it’s close ties to the social web, SellingCR has chosen to harness this medium as we understand that the ‘old school’ mindset of reporting the news is long dead and if reporting agencies do not utilize or accept the social web, they are doomed to fade with the likes of print media.

With the pace of life these days being in overdrive, more and more people are demanding the things they desire in a much quicker time frame. These days things are shorter and to the point. Look at the sensational Twitter for example. This site started out a few short years ago as a revolutionary idea called ‘micro blogging’. Micro blogging uses “tweets” of 140 characters or less to get your point across. Twitter is now one of the Internet’s most successful web sites and is riding closely behind Facebook and Google for that #1 position.

Now if Costa Rica is your ‘thing’, and you want to know what’s happening in this small Central American country, then drop by and check out the Costa Rica News – AS IT HAPPENS.