Aternity Launches Industry’s First End User Experience News and Blog Portal

Aternity Inc. announced the launch of a news and blog portal named “EndUserExperience2Day.” Anyone with access to the Internet can view the latest End User Experience and Application Performance Management news and opinions.

Aternity have created a centralized community portal, where readers can see the latest news, blogs, and opinions around industry topics.

“As the End User Experience marketplace continues to grow exponentially and deliver innovation to IT and business stakeholders, we wanted to create one centralized community where readers can come to view the latest news, blogs, and opinions,” said Trevor Matz, President and CEO of Aternity. “We are very excited about this industry-first initiative and look forward to helping build a global community of readers and content providers.”

Some features of EndUserExperience2Day include:

1. Real-time Updates

If it’s on the Internet, EndUserExperience2Day will find, publish, and promote key articles and blog postings that are most relevant to the community on hot industry-related topics ranging from Desktop Virtualization to Cloud Computing and Green IT

2. Featured Analyst Articles

Free and unlimited access to never before posted articles from the resident EndUserExperience2Day analyst who will be providing commentary on industry news (acquisitions, new product announcements, strategic partnerships, etc.), new market trends and key findings from recently published research

3. Categorized Content

Easy access to content related to specialized topics, such as healthcare industry news related to “Meaningful Use” or “EHR Adoption,” or Call Center related content providing the latest information on optimizing “Average Handling Time” (AHT) and “First Call Response” (FCR)

4. Newsletter Subscription

Delivery of convenient daily alerts via an email newsletter

5. Real-time Twitter Feeds

Featured on the home page, the real-time Twitter feeds deliver a snapshot of the Tweets related to End User Experience and hot IT trends like Desktop Virtualization

6. Relevant Wikipedia Page Monitoring

Also featured on the homepage daily are Wikipedia sources relevant to End User Experience

7. General IT Buzz and Hot Topics

A category that goes beyond just End User Experience related news and provides a snapshot of what’s hot in IT from the latest news on iPhones to IT employment tips to best practices today’s leading CIOs are following to capitalize on Green IT

“By launching EndUserExperience2Day, Aternity has taken a key strategic step in creating a centralized place of community and knowledge,” said Bojan Simic, Research Analyst at TRAC Research. “I commend them for their continued thought leadership and I am excited to be part of this industry-first effort.”

EndUserExperience2Day is freely available and can be accessed now at

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