Christian Speaker Admires Pope Benedict’s Leadership

With the new Pope noted as “The People’s Pope,” many wonder if those deeply intertwined with the Christian faith are in agreement.

In fact, Nationally Known Christian Advocate Tom Humbert agrees with the stances that Pope Francis has taken and admires him as a leader. This is reflected in Humbert’s TV Show, “Wholly Broken,” which represents his idea that it is “The People’s Programming” in the sense that it addresses subjects that were once off limits to Christian programming.

Tom Humbert, Expert in Music Relations, Singer, Composer, and Creator of a TV Series, has been performing on Broadway and TV his entire life. He has always been a spiritual man and his songs are hope based and divinely inspired by a higher power. God’s influence has always helped him to write songs of faith, and he gives the glory to him. His faith has influenced the direction of his career a great deal. His passion for a desire to make a difference and create hope in others has made him stand out from other performers.

Humbert stands firm in his belief and it drives him to be an inspiration to others. Through his talent, he strives to address real-life situations that individuals are faced with, rather than brushing them under the rug. Through this he has created a platform for those to discuss such subjects, in an attempt to offer hope to those who feel hopeless. With his enthusiasm, passion and integrity, many are drawn to the message he is sending. This message of faith, hope and love can change the world.

Tom Humbert has been performing on Broadway and TV his entire life, starring in over 50 musical theater productions. He is an expert on Music Relations and a Recognized Vocalist and Composer. He performed at the White House for Two Presidents and is the creator of the Television Series, “Wholly Broken.” From singing the National Anthem for the New York Jets to performing with the Rainbow Room Jazz, it is clear he is driven with a desire to make a difference. Most importantly, he is a follower of Christ, which has influenced the direction of his entire career.