CBS Re-Instates ‘NCIS’ for a Ninth Season

Grab your gear, because NCIS has been renewed by CBS for a ninth season.

Mark Harmon, aka Gibbs, has signed a two-year contract with the Eye network that would make television’s #1 star one of the executive producers on television’s #1 show, which recently had a series-high of 22.85 million viewers on Tuesday’s new episode.

Created by Donald P. Bellisario, it is about a team of federal agents that investigates crimes in the military. NCIS debuted on JAG‘s two-part “Ice Queen”/”Meltdown” in 2003, which led to the show’s premiere that fall, which was originally Navy NCIS during the first season.

Over the next eight years, NCIS became one of television’s favorite underdogs — going from the Top 30 to Top 20 to Top 10 to the top spot in the ratings. The show’s popularity continues to grow thanks to endless reruns and marathons on cable, leading to the sophomoric NCIS: Los Angeles, which became the #1 new show last season.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8p, which is follow by NCIS: Los Angeles at 9p on CBS.

You can also catch NCIS from the beginning everyday on USA Network and Sleuth — including a season two marathon Saturday starting at 11a on the former network.