And Now for Something a Little Different

Traditional methods for delivering the news are long gone. Everyday more and more people are forced to accept and learn, social media.

By definition, “social media” means: media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

You would have to be blind to not have noticed the abundant amount of media outlets advertising their Facebook, Blog and Twitter pages at the end of every broadcast. Not until 2009 have many media agencies begun to open their eyes to this revolutionary news medium. Today they can no longer ignore social media as it has become an embrace or die scenario for them.

These days news travels at speeds that were once thought unimaginable and as each day passes, more people rely on the speed in which they receive their news and now demand rapid services in all facets of their lives.

Enter Costa Rica News Site.

CRNS was first introduced in mid 2010 and when it was launched it rewrote how people traditionally thought of receiving their fill of Costa Rica news.

With special focus on speed speed speed, Don G. Halbert, curator of Costa Rica News Site set out on a mission to create the country’s first and only, social media dependent news site.


“The plan was simple. implementing it was another story all together”, says Don Halbert.

The results of this vision turned reality, is a news site that presents news faster than any other medium including television, radio and other Costa Rica news sites on the web.

Traditionally news sites gather their newsworthy articles over the span of 24 hours and then report them the following day. Problem is, the news is then “old news” and not so useful. With Costa Rica News Site the idea was to have a site that people could visit, at whatever time of the day or night, and view news from the moment rather than yesterday’s news.

What became reality is a site that reports news “as it happens.” For example when an earthquake hits in Costa Rica like the one on October 8, 2010, the ground was still shaking and it was already being reported on Costa Rica News Site. Just try and report it faster. Trust us…we’ve tried!