A Technique to Cure Writer’s Block

It’s defined as the inability to create, write. Writer’s block exists for some, but why? It happens when you need the right words for an essay, a paragraph to close a chapter, being anxious about a project, illness, settling in new living quarters, or an article needs the finishing touches yesterday. However, there are ways to restore, stir-up, expression, voice. First, move away from the writing project. Take a walk, make that call you have been wanting to for weeks, start a new writing project, or play with a pet.

If that fails, I’ve discovered techniques, along the writing road, to cure writer’s block. I’ll disclose one approach. It will work for fiction, non-fiction, and poems.

Pick a topic to write about, researched or not. Zero in on two words to write around. Clocks, for instance, as a subject. Begin by writing everything you know about the topic, consult research, and experts. Decide on how to present the article. An interesting angle can be given to the history of clocks. The invention of the first clock reveals fascinating facts. My focal point words are old clocks, and they will swirl into fiction. The information gathering begins.

Old clocks are nice to have around, vintage, antique. A relative owned one. The Babylonians are associated with the sun dial, but the Egyptians devised the tall structure (obelisk) that told time. The tale begins.

“Don’t touch that, Shawn!” Seth shouted. The clock has been passed down for generations.”

“Why is it in this thing?” Shawn smacked the encased clock. “Wait, my family whispers about it being cur…cursed.”

Now, the story can twist down any path.

Let’s look at a poem about old clocks. It’s off the top of my head.

There was a lady with old clocks Days and nights ushers in tic tocks Passer-byes wonder why Mystery underlie The lady smiles at all the mocks

The same steps are taken for any assignment. The key is the two words used to start the writing process. If the two words you pick fail, try new words. There are people on both sides of the issue of whether or not writer’s block really exists. However, the technique to cure writer’s block described works.