WHO Data on Ebola Outbreak Numbers

World Health Organization (WHO) data is available for 30 November for Guinea and Sierra Leone and November 29 for Liberia – the latter also fails to provide the number of deaths except in total.

Guinea reports 1929 confirmed Ebola cases and 1117 confirmed deaths with 210 probable cases and deaths and 25 suspected cases for a total of 2164 cumulative cases and 1327 cumulative deaths when including the probable and suspected cases.

Liberia reports 28019 confirmed Ebola cases with 1792 probable cases and 3042 suspected cases for a total of 7635 cumulative cases and 3145 cumulative deaths.

Sierra Leone reports 5978 confirmed Ebola cases and 1374 confirmed deaths with 79 probable cases and 174 deaths with 1255 suspected cases and 35 deaths for suspected cases. There has been a total of 7312 cumulative cases and 1583 cumulative deaths when including the probable and suspected cases.

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Transmission in urban areas indicates the potential for spread through international air travel. Control measures in these countries are considered of uncertain effectiveness based on inability of public health authorities to identify, locate, or monitor a large proportion of potential contacts. Persons arriving from all areas of these countries should be screened upon entry.

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