What Gym? Get Fit At Home with Milk Cartons and More!

Go Home and Get Fit Without Expensive Exercise Equipment

Do you want to get in shape and cannot afford expensive exercise equipment? Do you only have time to work out at home and cannot afford a personal trainer?

Local fitness expert and owner of LaFemme Mobile Gym shares the following get in shape tips at home for those not into exercise videos or gym memberships:

1. Get the milk or water jug and get your upper body strong by doing bicep curls, overhead presses and tricep extensions.

2. Grab 2 cans of soup and do forward punches for 1 min.

3. Use the kitchen counter or back of couch for elevated push-ups.

4. Utilize a small front porch or back porch step and step up and down as fast as you can for 1min to work on your cardio and endurance.

5. Use you hallway for lunges- a great way to get your legs and butt in shape!

6. For those who have stairs: Go up the stairs (skip a step as you go up, walk down normal) 10 times to really get that heart rate going.

7. Grab the pillows off the couch, place one pillow under your knees the other under your elbows and lift into a full or modified plank.

8. Take a pillow, fold it in 2, put it between your knees and squeeze! 15 repetitions will get those inner thighs burning.

In addition to giving fitness advice, Monique recently expanded her new company LaFemme Mobile Gym on a national scale. The LaFemme Mobile Gym will enable individual business owners to offer the following services: weight loss, body sculpting, nutrition coaching, pilates, yoga, special populations, youth conditioning, sports performance, fitness bootcamp classes and virtual coaching. Each Independent Mobile Trainer (IMT) will be able to individually pick and chose what services they would like to offer. This IMT business opportunity can be either part-time or full-time for people wanting extra income to a full salary with earning potential up to 6K per month.

“I am pleased to announce that Lafemme Mobile Gym has partnered with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to provide all Lafemme Mobile Gym IMTs a 15% certification discount and payment plan for their Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement certification,” said Monique Hollowell.

About Lafemme Mobile Gym Fit for LaFemme, Incorporated (the “Company”), dba Lafemme Mobile Gym was founded by Monique Hollowell, a passionate professional that develops fitness solutions for the general and special populations. Monique Hollowell was a former intercollegiate athlete at the University of Washington in Seattle. She graduated with a BS degree in Zoology and minor in Anatomy and Physiology. Monique continued on to one year of graduate study at the University of San Francisco in the Sports and Fitness Management MA program. After graduating college, Monique obtained several Certifications including, ACSM, NASM, Coopers Institute and more. Monique has held several multi-club management positions and progressed into Executive Management of a health club chain over seeing a multi-million dollar personal training division. Monique’s transition into motherhood and continued zeal for fitness created Fit for LaFemme, Inc., which offers Lafemme Mobile Gym, Lafemme Fitness Bootcamps and The FitnessIQ Radio show! She is also a National Fitness Presenter having presented at IHRSA, IDEA, Body, Mind Spirit and Fit Fest. She has recently published Bellie Fit Basics which is a nutrition and fitness guide to help women achieve a healthy pre-post natal fitness, offered through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more information visit: http://www.lafemmemobilegym.com