Top Ten Gourmet Coffee Recipes That You Can Make At Home!


I always quietly laugh just a little bit, silently to myself whenever I meet with a client, associate or friend for the third or fourth time in a week at one of the popular coffee shop like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or Starbucks or … if those pesky and persistent Madison Avenue Advertising Geniuses / Genies blink us into magically buying into the idea of ole’ Dunkin Donuts being #1 … and my coffee guzzling pal tells me once again how they simply can’t afford a monthly membership to a gourmet coffee club.

“Really,” I think to myself, “cause actually an entire year’s membership to the nicest Monthly Gourmet Coffee Club Membership actually costs far less than all of the fancy $6 to $8 “Latte-Dah” coffee concoctions that I’ve seen you buy over the past week alone!”

Gourmet Coffee

So for you intuitive and perceptive people out there who can do the math and know the score, but still would like to enjoy some of the splendid special coffee creations that you assume only the chain store percolators can supply, put this in your coffee pot and perk it.

Here are the Top Ten Gourmet Coffee Recipes that you can make for yourself and your friends / family / associates at home with that awesome Annual Gourmet Coffee Club Membership. It’s going to absolutely blow your mind, but luckily no longer your bank account, when you see just how simple these recipes really are!

Please keep in mind, in all 10 recipes, the coffees are for a 16 ounce cup and the milk is intended to be steamed or foamed to 160 F.

Cafe Americano

12 ounces hot water

3 shots espresso

Cafe Au Lait

8 ounces regular coffee, not espresso

Add steamed milk to just below rim

Cafe Breve

12 ounces steamed half and half

2 shots espresso

¼ inch of foamed milk


Pour in foamy milk

2 shots espresso

Caramel Macchiato

Fill ¾ full with steamed milk

Pour in ¾ ounce of Vanilla Syrup

Pour in two shots espresso

Top with foamed milk to the rim

Drizzle caramel sauce on foamed milk

Iced Caramel Macchiato

12 ounces cold milk

Fill with ice to ¼ inch below rim

¾ ounces vanilla

Top with caramel sauce drizzle

Iced Latte

12 ounces cold milk

2 shots espresso

Fill with ice to ¼ inch below rim

Iced Mocha

12 ounces cold milk

2 ounces mocha syrup

2 shots espresso

Fill with ice to ¼ below rim

Top with whipped cream


Fill with steamed milk

Pour in 2 shots espresso

Top with ¼ inch foamed milk


Fill with steamed milk to ¼ inch from the top

2 shots espresso

2oz mocha syrup

Top with whipped cream

Signing off at Pigging out!

Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock

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