Warning: Beware of Sunscreens

An Ingredient in Sunscreens Could Possibly Lead to Cancer

There’s disturbing evidence of a link between skin cancer and a chemical found in sunscreens.

The National Center for Toxicological Research discovered a possible connection between skin cancer and an ingredient, chemical, found in sunscreens.

One study showed tumors and lesions formed 21% faster when lab animals were covered in sunscreens with retinyl palmitate, found in most popular brands.

The Food and Drug Administration has been sifting through the data since July 2009, but hasn’t made a conclusion.

Senator Charles Schumer, New York, wants the Food and Drug Administration to be clear, specific, with investigation findings. Senator Schumer isn’t suggesting people stop using sunscreens, but check the ingredients, he clarified. Avoid sunscreens with retinyl palmitate, Senator Schumer continued.